Transformers “Mastering the pieces”


The Transformers Master Piece line is something almost of Myth and Legend. Over the course of nearly a decade Takara/Tomy has created what could only be called a high end collector line of their most Iconic Transformers.

Here is a list of the released figures to date

MP-01: Convoy (Optimus Prime) MP-01: Convoy (Gold Version) MP-01B: Convoy Black Version MP-01L: Convoy Final Edition MP-02: Ultra Magnus MP-03: Starscream MP-03: Starscream (USA Edition) MP-03G: Starscream Ghost Version MP-04: Convoy Perfect Edition MP-04S: Convoy Sleep Mode MP-05: Megatron MP-06: Skywarp MP-07: Thundercracker MP-08: Grimlock MP-08X: King Grimlock MP-09: Rodimus Convoy (Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime) MP-09B: Black Rodimus Convoy MP-10: Convoy (Optimus Prime) have been made each with their own perks and flaws.

MP-11: Starscream

On October 2011, Takara Tomy announced they will release a new version of Starscream in March 2012. The new figure will include remolded parts, which will restore the MP-03 figure’s original hip kibble-free design. Also included is a hologram pilot figurine, as well as the crown and coronation gear used in The Transformers: The Movie.

(Side note) MP-03: Starscream was released in 2006. It includes arm-mounted guns, decals, detachable missiles, a small figurine of Doctor Arkeville, a mounting clip to store the mini-Megatron (sold with all variants of Masterpiece Convoy) under the plane mode’s nose cone, and a display stand.

This toy’s colors were selected to more closely resemble a real-life McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle rather than Starscream’s depiction in the cartoon or original toy. The head features a face-switching gimmick, with a choice of straight-faced or smirking.

Now with the new release of Starscream we finally get a perfect rendition of the “would be” ruler of the Decepticons!


























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“Till all are one”

TFC Toys Starcats Dino Combiner

What makes toys worth buying if they aren’t legit? In the most recent years, Transformer collectors have become inundated with so many 3rd party toys that it’s almost too overwhelming.TFC toys haven’t made it any easier on us poor souls. Check out these new pics of the Dinosaur team members.These images are by Hsaio Red on the ACTOYS forum.

The sets have been confirmed for a May 2012 release date. Here’s hoping for G1 inspired colors. Hit up the PCN forums and thanks for reading.

“Till all are one”

Encore brings back the boom!

Takara Encore has brought back two classic Japanese Transformers, this time with a little twist. If you are a true Transformers fan, you will know who Soundblaster and Twincast are. If not check out this video:

Transformers Encore #21 brings back the new and improved Soundblaster in this cool set with two new cassette tape buddies.

Encore #21 Soundblaster with Enemy and Wing Thing.

Soundblaster is just the same as his previous release and comes with the bigger chest compartment.

What makes this set new is the inclusion of Enemy and Wing Thing, which are just simple repaints of Rumble and Ratbat.

Now on the flip side of evil is the heroic Autobots.

Encore #22 Twincast with Nightstalker and Stripes

Twincast is just his repaint of Blaster in the Twincast color scheme.

He also comes with two new little buddies to help him fight, Nightstalker and Stripes,

which are repaints of Steel Jaw and Ravage.

What makes these toys different aren’t much but if you are a Transformer completest, you will want both, I know I will.

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“TIll all are one”

Soundwave before the sound!

Today’s image is from the “Transformers Vault” table top collectors book.

What I find funny is that in the caption below the figures feet it refers to Soundwave as Blaster. It’s a simple text error but one to point out, either way to see what Soundwave would have been is just amazing.

Such a simple design yet it has all the elements that make Soundwave who he is.

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“Till all are one”