Transformers “Mastering the pieces”


The Transformers Master Piece line is something almost of Myth and Legend. Over the course of nearly a decade Takara/Tomy has created what could only be called a high end collector line of their most Iconic Transformers.

Here is a list of the released figures to date

MP-01: Convoy (Optimus Prime) MP-01: Convoy (Gold Version) MP-01B: Convoy Black Version MP-01L: Convoy Final Edition MP-02: Ultra Magnus MP-03: Starscream MP-03: Starscream (USA Edition) MP-03G: Starscream Ghost Version MP-04: Convoy Perfect Edition MP-04S: Convoy Sleep Mode MP-05: Megatron MP-06: Skywarp MP-07: Thundercracker MP-08: Grimlock MP-08X: King Grimlock MP-09: Rodimus Convoy (Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime) MP-09B: Black Rodimus Convoy MP-10: Convoy (Optimus Prime) have been made each with their own perks and flaws.

MP-11: Starscream

On October 2011, Takara Tomy announced they will release a new version of Starscream in March 2012. The new figure will include remolded parts, which will restore the MP-03 figure’s original hip kibble-free design. Also included is a hologram pilot figurine, as well as the crown and coronation gear used in The Transformers: The Movie.

(Side note) MP-03: Starscream was released in 2006. It includes arm-mounted guns, decals, detachable missiles, a small figurine of Doctor Arkeville, a mounting clip to store the mini-Megatron (sold with all variants of Masterpiece Convoy) under the plane mode’s nose cone, and a display stand.

This toy’s colors were selected to more closely resemble a real-life McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle rather than Starscream’s depiction in the cartoon or original toy. The head features a face-switching gimmick, with a choice of straight-faced or smirking.

Now with the new release of Starscream we finally get a perfect rendition of the “would be” ruler of the Decepticons!


























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“Till all are one”

Convoy! Convoy! Convoy!

If you haven’t learned by now, I am a sucker for anything and everything Japanese related. Make them about the Transformers and I’m about sure to cry.

After the death of Prime, kids and adults alike cried their collective Autobot loving eyes out as they watched the beloved leader of the peace loving protectors of good die.

A real world problem solved with a real world emotion.

Daniel’s reaction was the reaction of us all.

In Japan, the Transformers animated film wouldn’t be released until 1990. It was almost certain that Prime would receive the same reaction.

When season 3 of transformers was about to debut on Japanese television, they needed to explain why good old Optimus Prime was dead.

So they started airing this commercial.


I just love that this commercial has such a high level of detail given to the fallen Prime.

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“Till all are one”

Skyfire and Jetfire

In the beginning, the war was divided into two sides, the villainous Decepticons and the heroic Autobots.

And what was an understanding was that Decepticons could fly while the Autobots could not and never the two shall meet. That is in the cartoon medium and in the toy form as the Autobots were primarily cars while the Decepticons were mostly planes.

In season 1 of Transformers, we are introduced to Skyfire.

Skyfire was one of Starscream’s closest and dearest friends. They manage to become lost from each other while on prehistoric Earth eons before the arc. Millions of years later, the Decepticons found Skyfire, encased in a block of ice, and revived him. Later on, he ends up siding with the Autobots.

As for the toy, he was named Jetfire and was a repaint of a Macross VF-1S Super Valkyrie plane. This is why the cartoon is different from the toy release. Takara was none too pleased with a cartoon that had 99% of their action figures promoting a non-Takara toy. So the animators changed him up and his name was changed to Skyfire (I am guessing since he no longer looked like Jetfire to just change the name anyway).

Personally, I think Jetfire was a better name and a much cooler looking figure. In addition this marks the start of Hasbro making an aggressive integration of non-Takara Transforming Robotic figures into the realm of the Transformers. We will, in future episodes, go over the others.

Starting with the second wave of G1 figures, there would now be equal opportunity robots in disguise.

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‘Till all are one!”