Transformers Botcon Press Release

This year’s TRANSFORMERS Hall of Fame class, as entirely voted on by TRANSFORMERS fans online, consists of the following two characters:




An insane, hyper-intelligent criminal mastermind who led a group of renegade PREDACONS to Earth in search of the Energon they would need to conquer CYBERTRON, MEGATRON became so much more than a petty felon. When the search led to the discovery of alien artifacts, MEGATRON launched an assault on Time itself, seeking to change history to his benefit. He nearly destroyed CYBERTRON in his mad quest to exterminate the TRANSFORMERS, and was stopped only when OPTIMUS PRIMAL brought him down. He returned, determined to have his vengeance, and his battle with the MAXIMAL leader raged across the multiverse!




As the commander of the most elite AUTOBOT special forces unit ever assembled, you’d expect ULTRA MAGNUS to be just about one of the most unstoppable warriors this side of the galactic core. You’d be right. If there is any AUTOBOT the DECEPTICONS fear as much as OPTIMUS PRIME, it is ULTRA MAGNUS. His battle hammer has crushed chassis from one side of the galaxy to the other. No battlefield on which his armored feet have stepped has ever been yielded to the DECEPTICONS.


The following new 2013 toys were also revealed during the panel:
TRANSFORMERS Generations Legends 2-Packs
Swerve Vehicle Swerve Robot Swerve Robot A Sky High Vehicle Sky High Robot Sky High Robot A
·         A5485 – Swerve w/Sky High
Blast Master Robot A Blast Master Robot Blast Master Vehicle Cosmos Robot A Cosmos Robot Cosmos Vehicle
·         A5486 – Cosmos w/Blast Master
TRANSFORMERS Generations Deluxe
Dreadwing Robot Dreadwing Vehicle Goldfire Robot Goldfire Vehicle Skids Robot Skids Vehicle Waspinator Beast Waspinator Robot
·         A5478 Dreadwing
·         A5479 Waspinator
·         A5480 Skids
·         A5481 Goldfire
TRANSFORMERS Generations Voyager
Doubledealer Blaster Doubledealer Robot A Doubledealer Robot B Doubledealer Sword Doubledealer Vehicle 1 Doubledealer Vehicle 2 Rhinox Beast Rhinox Robot A Rhinox Robot B Rhinox Weapon copy
·         A5483 Doubledealer
·         A5484 Rhinox
TRANSFORMERS Prime Beast Hunters Legion
Bluestreak Robot Bluestreak Vehicle Bluestreak Weapon Dragon 1 Beast Dragon 1 Robot Dragon 1 Weapon copy Dragon 1 Weapon Dragon 2 Beast Dragon 2 Robot Dragon 2 Weapon Elite Air Vehicon Robot Elite Air Vehicon Vehicle Elite Air Vehicon Weapon
·         A6422 Dragon 1
·         A4699 Dragon 2
·         A4701 Bluestreak
·         A4700 Elite Air Vehicon
TRANSFORMERS Prime Beast Hunters Commander
Bludgeon Robot Bludgeon Vehicle Bludgeon Weapon Megatron Robot Megatron Vehicle Megatron Weapon Ultra Magnus Robot Ultra Magnus Vehicle Ultra Magnus Weapon
·         A4706 Megatron
·         A4705 Ultra Magnus
·         A4704 Bludgeon
TRANSFORMERS Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe
Bumblebee Robot Bumblebee Vehicle Smokescreen Robot Smokescreen Vehicle Twinstrike Beast Twinstrike Robot Windrazor Beast Windrazor Robot
·         A4689 Prowl
·         A6214 Bumblebee
·         A6215 Twinstrike
·         A6216 Smokescreen
·         A6217 Windrazor
TRANSFORMERS Prime Beast Hunters Voyager
Beast Hunter Optimus Prime Robot Beast Hunter Optimus Prime Vehicle Predaking Beast Predaking Robot
·         A6212 Beast Hunter Optimus

·         A6213 Predaking


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Optimus Prime/Asahikawa Winter Festival

So lets build a 16 Meter tall Optimus Prime out of snow!



Optimus Prime Made Into Life-Size Snow Sculpture Bust: 16 meter!

The Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy revealed this week that a life-size snow sculpture of The Transformers franchise character Optimus Prime will appear at this year’s Asahikawa Winter Festival.

Artists are sculpting the giant robot from a 16-meter (about 53-foot) snow mound. Construction crews began piling snow on January 6, started work on the character’s head on January 10, and raised trusses to continue sculpting Optimus last Thursday.

The 53rd annual Asahikawa Winter Festival will take place in Asahikawa, Hokkaido Prefecture from February 8 to 12.


About the Asahikawa winter festival

One of the most famous festivals in winter in Japan, the Asahikawa Winter Festival is certainly worth taking a look at if you happen to be in Asahikawa at the start of February.

For all intents and purposes the festival is an eye pleasing mix of light, ice and snow with visitors able to see fireworks, laser shows, ice sculptures, a massive snow stage with music and dance acts, as well as having the opportunity to sample some of the local food, and drink some very cold beer.

The festival’s activities are centered in Tokiwa park where you will find a large number of ice sculptures, lights, displays, laser shows, and food and drink stalls. From here it’s a short walk through the park to the river bank where you will find the massive snow stage. More food and drink here. Next to the main stage is a huge ice slide to keep the kids (and the kids at heart) entertained for hours. This is also a prime location to watch the fireworks which are fired over the river.

The International Ice Sculpture Competition takes place along the main shopping street Kaimono Koen. Do yourself a favour and walk by at night when the sculptures are lit-up and looking their best.

So there you have it, 5 days of snow, ice, light , lasers, music food and drink. Considering it costs you nothing to get involved, what better way to enjoy yourself during the cold Asahikawa evenings.

Winter Festival History

The Asahikawa Winter Festival began in 1947 and was known as the “Iyomante” (Bear festival in Ainu). It’s primary purpose was to allow people to find some way to enjoy the cold and snow during the coldest month of the long Hokkaido winter. The name changed to the Asahikawa Winter festival in 1960 and since then, many activities have been added to make the Asahikawa Winter Festival one of the most well known winter festivals in Japan. Growing in stature year by year, this is definitely a great event to be involved in if visiting Asahikawa in early February.