Transformers “Mastering the pieces”


The Transformers Master Piece line is something almost of Myth and Legend. Over the course of nearly a decade Takara/Tomy has created what could only be called a high end collector line of their most Iconic Transformers.

Here is a list of the released figures to date

MP-01: Convoy (Optimus Prime) MP-01: Convoy (Gold Version) MP-01B: Convoy Black Version MP-01L: Convoy Final Edition MP-02: Ultra Magnus MP-03: Starscream MP-03: Starscream (USA Edition) MP-03G: Starscream Ghost Version MP-04: Convoy Perfect Edition MP-04S: Convoy Sleep Mode MP-05: Megatron MP-06: Skywarp MP-07: Thundercracker MP-08: Grimlock MP-08X: King Grimlock MP-09: Rodimus Convoy (Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime) MP-09B: Black Rodimus Convoy MP-10: Convoy (Optimus Prime) have been made each with their own perks and flaws.

MP-11: Starscream

On October 2011, Takara Tomy announced they will release a new version of Starscream in March 2012. The new figure will include remolded parts, which will restore the MP-03 figure’s original hip kibble-free design. Also included is a hologram pilot figurine, as well as the crown and coronation gear used in The Transformers: The Movie.

(Side note) MP-03: Starscream was released in 2006. It includes arm-mounted guns, decals, detachable missiles, a small figurine of Doctor Arkeville, a mounting clip to store the mini-Megatron (sold with all variants of Masterpiece Convoy) under the plane mode’s nose cone, and a display stand.

This toy’s colors were selected to more closely resemble a real-life McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle rather than Starscream’s depiction in the cartoon or original toy. The head features a face-switching gimmick, with a choice of straight-faced or smirking.

Now with the new release of Starscream we finally get a perfect rendition of the “would be” ruler of the Decepticons!


























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