Encore brings back the boom!

Takara Encore has brought back two classic Japanese Transformers, this time with a little twist. If you are a true Transformers fan, you will know who Soundblaster and Twincast are. If not check out this video:

Transformers Encore #21 brings back the new and improved Soundblaster in this cool set with two new cassette tape buddies.

Encore #21 Soundblaster with Enemy and Wing Thing.

Soundblaster is just the same as his previous release and comes with the bigger chest compartment.

What makes this set new is the inclusion of Enemy and Wing Thing, which are just simple repaints of Rumble and Ratbat.

Now on the flip side of evil is the heroic Autobots.

Encore #22 Twincast with Nightstalker and Stripes

Twincast is just his repaint of Blaster in the Twincast color scheme.

He also comes with two new little buddies to help him fight, Nightstalker and Stripes,

which are repaints of Steel Jaw and Ravage.

What makes these toys different aren’t much but if you are a Transformer completest, you will want both, I know I will.

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Transformers:More than meets the pixels

Over the past 27 years, we have been privy to many tie-in media for the Transformers. Unfortunately, in the area of the video game, this franchise seemed to fall short of the mark.

The Commodore 64: a platform / shoot ’em up game.

It was written by Denton Designs and released by Ocean Software for the Sinclair Spectrum and Commodore 64 home computers in 1986.

The object of the game is to navigate through a blue highway, dodge enemies, and collect pieces of Energon.

Next came Activision

It was the first Transformers game by Activision, which subsequently published more games for the franchise over two decades later.

A few side-notes about the game: for reasons unknown, Rodimus Prime and Hot Rod appear in the game as separate characters, despite the fact that they are the same character.  This was also one of the few Transformers games to not include Optimus Prime.

The next big jump into video games came on the Famicom system (when I say “jump”, I mean jumping the shark).

Transformers: Mystery of Convoy or as it’s real title is called, Fight! Super Robot Life Form Transformers: Mystery of Convoy (戦え! 超ロボット生命体トランスフォーマー コンボイの謎(ナゾ)

So what is the premise of the game? Well, if you remember, I talked about the fact that the movie wasn’t released in Japan till 1990. This story is the journey of  Ultra Magnus as he goes on a solo mission through various Decepticon strongholds to find out exactly what happened to Optimus Prime.  Hence, Mystery of Convoy!

A second game followed called, Transformers: The Headmasters

This takes place after the Mystery of Convoy as you jump from Earth, Cybertron, Master, and Jail.

Over the course of time, we got other Transformer games from Beast Wars: Transformers by Hasbro Interactive. Takara published Transformers: Tatakai,(not real title just fan named) a PlayStation 2 action-RPG. Atari released Transformers (aka Transformers: Armada–Prelude to Energon) and we also got War for Cybertron.

gameinformer has published their latest exclusive Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

“Transformers: Resurrecting The Dinobots”. <–not sure if this is in the right place…

If you are a fan of the Transformers you will love the idea of having them in this new video game. Check out the images below courtesy of Game Informer.




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Shout! Factory: the complete Japanese Transformers


In the Grand scheme of life, you wait and you wait. Sometimes, waiting isn’t good enough. You can only wait but for so long!

Shout! Factory announced that they would be releasing a complete box set of the entire Japanese Transformers cartoon series. This box set would include Headmasters,Victory, and Master force.

Checking Shout’s website as of late has been showing dead links and error messages. The only possible ray of hope was this product lithograph image for the complete box set.

They do have the complete headmasters available but We demand the complete series. Come on shout! hook us Transfans up

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Headrobots: Butcher


Butcher is an evil Headrobot trained in the ancient art of Kali and well-versed in British Armed Forces lore. Because of this he is most deadly in close-range combat with his Plasma Knives which are able to slice easily through the thickest armor. Extremely tactical and analytical in nature, Butcher rose quickly as a leader. However, dark and violent tendencies has isolated him from the rest of the evil headrobots and he has left to defeat Hothead on his own.

-Remolded face with clear red visor
-Two Plasma knives
-Compatible with Universe or Henkei base toy
-Has all accessories that came with Hothead
-Compatible with vintage 5mm robots
-New artwork and card

NOTE – Silver gun pictured with Butcher in robot mode does not come with the figure.


Pre-Order here