SDCC: Matty Collector Masters of the Universe pre-Mattypalooza

thanks to all the Facebook groups and Matty for all the images from SDCC.

(Hands on Demo of Castle Grayskull with box art behind it)

The Final Weapons Pak

Masters of the Universe® Classics Weapons Pak: End of Wars™

The final MOTUC weapons pak is here, and it’s overflowing with fan-demanded items including:

  • Gold weapon treasure, including shield, small axe, axe staff, and club for Granamyr™
  • Arm attachments in Trap Jaw® black for Hurricane Hordak™
  • Sword, mace and shield in traditional sword gray for Sir Laser-Lot™
  • POP sword in blue for Netossa™
  • Mirror blaster for Strobo
  • Horde armor for Rattlor™
  • Arm attachments in Roboto® gray for Trap Jaw®
  • Sword, shield and axe in green for He-Man®
  • Kowl™ in classic toy colors

Masters of the Universe® Classics Sky-High with Jet Sled™

coming this fall, for the first time we’ll have a figure with a mini-vehicle! Daring test pilot Sky-High arrives with the long-requested Jet Sled™, the front half of the vintage Battle Ram vehicle featured heavily in the Filmation series. Sky-High is the heroic fighter pilot best known (okay, only known) from the background of a vintage ‘80s poster where he can be seen piloting the Wind Raider™!

Masters of the Universe® Classics Geldor™

This Fan’s Choice winner is coming to your collection as the November monthly figure! Geldor™, the villain from the classic mini-comic “The Secret Liquid of Life,” crushed all other challengers and took the top spot! This Geldor™ figure will include removable red armor, oversized battle axe and secret water vile.

and one last “new reveal” was Nepthu for the Filmation sub line

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History of The Shadowed City

Shadows of the city

In 1993 I created a three arc story that would span three types of mediums: film, radio, and comicbook. Shadows of the city was to star three assassins. One was blind which would be told as an old style radio drama. Next was deaf and would be told as a silent movie and last the mute as an action comic.

Due to lack of funds we never worked on the any of them and saved the story for later use. After working for googo studios up in the Bronx, I wanted to film something and the itch to film a silent movie came back. I filmed Shadows as a series of short action clips to show before feature films.

Not happy with most of the film footage, I stopped the film only making a short out of all the film we had. The silent film look wasn’t working for me after so many attempts. I decided to dump the silent film look and opt to make the shadows an online comicbook.

Now after nearly 15 years. I am pleased to bring you Shadows of the city! Our first full comicbook for your enjoyment, we will also be showing the short flick “Hunting the Hacker” which was one scene out of the whole Shadows of the city film.