Take to a new level with Mega man Kicks


These amazing canvas style snickers are produced by Tokyo-based shoe company Ubiq, they are available through fashion label “Super Groupies”. Super Groupies offer items with subtle nods to their source material that hard-core fans will automatically notice.


The Mega Man sneakers (Rockman in Japan) come completely covered with the artwork of the titular robot, done in the overtly simple yet childhood inspiring pixel style from his glory days of the NES.

You’ll also find large illustrations of the E-tanks that replenish Mega Man’s life energy cover up most of the tongue.


The sneaker covered in images of Mega Man doing his iconic moves from the 8-bit game like running, jumping, and shooting.


The shoes come laced with “bold” blue laces that are a color match to the character’s costume.


Preorders for the 9,800-yen (US $83) sneakers can be placed between now and March 15  on the Super Groupies website. Delivery is scheduled for late June.

Godzilla will scare you in Shinjuku


Tokyo’s ever-changing urban landscape is about to get a new addition in Kabuki-cho, the glitziest part of Shinjuku’s entertainment district. Scheduled for completion next Aprilis the Toho Cinemas Shinjuku movie complex, replacing the older Shinjuku Toho Kaikan theater which closed down in 2008. At the top of the eight-story building is a terrace where visitors will be able to relax in the open air, marvel at the surrounding skyline, and tower in fear of the Godzilla Head bursting out the roof.


With the building’s roof being 40 meters high, Godzilla’s head will be standing at just over 50 meters above street level, matching his stature in his 1954 cinematic debut. The plan is for the head to be illuminated at night, and for the head’s eyes and mouth to glow, accompanied by periodic roars.


Godzilla won’t just be looking hard at moviegoers and pedestrians, though. In the above render, you may have noticed that being built adjacent to the new Toho theater is the Hotel Gracery Shinjuku. The hotel’s managers aren’t worried about Godzilla spoiling the view from their guestrooms, though. In fact, they’re counting on him enhancing it, and are already taking reservations for special Godzilla View Rooms, which can be booked here at prices starting from 15,000 yen (US $125) a night for guests checking in from April 24.


Speaking Geek: Is Godzilla too fat?

By Robert ” RobBase” Greenwood

The subject at hand is based on an article originally posted on Rocket news:


Is Godzilla supersized for no other reason but to be big? I love the new look to this King of all movie monsters and his transformation over the years has always upped the ante, so to speak.

Over the past 60 years, Godzilla has evolved and morphed, sometimes with Godzilla having a rather heavy bottom with a leaner top half.


Godzilla seems more of a monster than dinosaur in this new version. I hope this film delivers a great story that can wash the foul taste of 1997’s debacle of a film.


The Japanese fan base is split with most people laughing at Godzilla’s size and so called lack of a neck. But I think the new film honors and updates what we have come to love about the mean-green-fire-spewing-machine, Godzilla.

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Review of Godzilla 1954

By Ben Velazquez

2014 marks the 60th anniversary of the king of all monsters, Godzilla. The last time I saw a Godzilla movie was back in the mid 1980’s. After Godzilla 1985 came out,WPIX here in NY (channel 11), would air his  “classic” films on Sunday evenings. Some of my friends and I would watch the big green monster battle aliens from Dimension X, become a parent with having a Baby Godzilla and team up with likes of Ultraman.

Yet, in all those years, I have never seen the film that started this dynasty, the original Godzilla. I know it was recut in the States and Raymond Burr was added into the film, yet I never had the opportunity to watch it. Fast forward to this past week when I was invited to a press screening of the remastered 60th anniversary edition. That’s right, no Raymond Burr. This is the original Japanese cut of the film.


Showing up on a typical rainy day in April, I was the first to arrive (despite getting lost a few times)


to the premier of the 60th anniversary of Godzilla at the Film Forum.


As soon as the movie began, the credits were off a bit graphically. So much so that it had me considering a trip to the eye doctor, but I was wrong. The movie simply had to be restarted due to a minor malfunction.


From the beginning of this film, director Ishiro Honda did a spectacular job keeping your eyes glued to the screen. Although the movie was released in 1954, it seemed new and fresh because of the story, the actors, and the action. Everything seemed to fall in its place perfectly.

This isn’t some run of the mill monster trashing through the city, the typical image that we think about when the name Godzilla appears.

No, it’s the simple details such as Godzilla becoming what it is because of nuclear radiation due to the after effects of World War 2. The power of the romantic story that was thrown in the middle of the mix added more suspense to this wonderful movie.

There was never a “cheesy” moment in this movie. A little comedy, sure, but most of all, it was very well put together and a movie that will stand the test of time. This movie was so good that it made me a fan of Godzilla all over again.

The original cut of Godzilla is being shown April 18-24 to commemorate the film’s 60th Anniversary at the Film Forum. Go see where it all started before the new film debuts!

Japan the Otaku show: Yokohama’s fried penis

Japan the Otaku show: Yokohama’s famous fried penis

Originally posted on Danny Choo’s Facebook page.



This sign says Chinchin Yaki or simply Fried Penis. Not too sure why this sign has fried penis on it or even what it would be for.

Nevertheless, it’s another wacky sign that we just love to see. Also a great little picture to teach some Japanese!

The breakdown is ち=chi ん=n
焼=yaki. Translation breakdown: ちんちん=slang for penis 焼=fried.