Exclusive Avengers Figures Bring the Battle to Marvel Shop and Disney Stores!


This time it’s war! Marvel’s Captain America: Civil Waris coming to theaters this spring, and the Avengers are expanding their roster at marvelshop.com and the Disney Store, with three exclusive Marvel Select action figures from Diamond Select Toys! New for 2016, Avenging Captain America and Black Panther join the previously sold-out Winter Soldier, who returns for a new run!


The three figures are:

–          Avenging Captain America, a.k.a. Steve Rogers, features the First Avenger in his more modern “Marvel Now” outfit from recent comics, and includes a diorama base depicting a section of castle wall with the Hydra logo. His shield is removable, and can be held on his arm via two straps on the reverse side.


–          Black Panther, a.k.a. T’Challa, Prince of Wakanda, wears his timeless classic costume, which he has worn some variation on since his first comic-book appearance in 1967. He includes a diorama base featuring a section of Wakandan jungle.


–          Winter Soldier, a.k.a. Bucky Barnes, Captain America’s brainwashed former partner and close friend, sports his short-haired “Agent of SHIELD” look from the comics, and comes with a circular window diorama, with pistol, machine gun and sniper rifle.

All of the figures feature approximately 16 points of articulation, and come in the display-ready Select packaging, with spine artwork for easy reference during on-shelf storage.


The Winter Soldier is in stock now at marvelshop.comand some Disney Store locations, and Captain America and Black Panther are available for pre-order at Marvelshop.com, disneystore.com anddisneystore.eu. Captain America and Black Panther have an expected delivery date of February 29, and will also be available in brick-and-mortar Disney Store locations at that time. 

Captain America, Black Panther and Winter Soldier join other marvelshop.com and Disney Store-exclusive Marvel Select figures, including Unleashed Hulk, Bleeding Edge Iron Man, Avenging Hawkeye, Mighty Thor, Umasked Ant-Man and the recently announced Spectacular Spider-Man.



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Disney to release original cut of the Star wars Trilogy


Star Wars fans have been hoping for Disney/Lucasfilm to release the unaltered, original cut of the first Star Wars trilogy, and according to sources from Comicbook.com, that’s what they’re planning to do. 

The site reports that Disney is planning to release the original cut of the Star Wars trilogy on Blu-Ray. The goal of the project that has reportedly been under way for a long time is to release A New HopeEmpire Strikes Back, and Return of Jedi in their complete and original form without the redone special edition SFX. The plan was to release the Trilogy on Blu-ray before Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes out on December 18. The sources reported that Disney doesn’t have the exact date due to the challenges they encountered. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we get details about its release. 

Marvel Animated Minimates Series 1.5 Headed to Walgreens!


With the first series of Marvel Animated Minimates scheduled to arrive in Walgreens stores in early September , it’s time to take a look at Series 1.5! Scheduled for a holiday release, this all-new assortment of eight Minimates mini-figures draws on the world of Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spider-Man, providing a cool mix of animated-style heroes and villains!
The assortment, which is expected to be available in all Walgreens by December, includes the following two-packs:


– From Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man (with web line and interchangeable half-raised mask head) comes packed with Agent Coulson, with fully removable SHIELD armor to reveal his blue suit underneath.


– From Avengers Assemble, a massive Hulkbuster Iron Man, with removable armor pieces and a flip-up helmet, comes with the evil android Ultron.


– From Ultimate Spider-Man, the alternate-reality Spider-Man, Miles Morales (with web line and interchangeable unmasked head) comes with the Harry Osborne version of Venom, with removable parts and an interchangeable head to create the Venom clones from “Venom Bomb.”


– From Avengers Assemble, Hawkeye (with quiver, bow and arrows) comes with hired thug Crossbones.
Each Minimates mini-figure features up to 14 points of articulation, and all parts and accessories are fully interchangeable. Each two-pack comes in show-branded packaging, with a clear display base for each figure. Look for Series 1 in September and Series 1.5 in December, exclusively at Walgreens!





Gertie the Dinosaur

Gertie the Dinosaur is a 1914 American animated short film by Winsor McCay. Although not the first animated film, as is sometimes thought, it was the first cartoon to feature a character with an appealing personality. The appearance of a true character distinguished it from earlier animated “trick films”, such as those of Blackton and Cohl, and makes it the predecessor to later popular cartoons such as those by Walt Disney and Max Fleischer. The film was also the first to be created using keyframe animation. The film has been selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry, and was named #6 of The 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time in a 1994 survey of animators and cartoon historians by Jerry Beck.



Gertie the Dinosaur was originally created to be used in McCay’s vaudeville performances. McCay started performing “chalk talks” on vaudeville in 1906, as a sideline to his regular newspaper cartooning. In 1911, he began presenting animated films on stage, first an animation of Little Nemo in Slumberland, then How a Mosquito Operates. Plans for Gertie were announced in 1912. The episode of McCay’s newspaper comic In the Land of Wonderful Dreams published in newspapers on September 21, 1913 showed the reader some of the creatures from the upcoming film: a “dinosaurs”, a sea serpent and a four-winged lizard. In January 1914, the drawings were photographed by Vitagraph Studios. The first presentation of the film was at the Palace Theater in Chicago on February 8, 1914; later performances were at the Hammerstein Theater in New York City.

The performance consisted of McCay interacting with Gertie, a cartoon dinosaur based on the Brontosaurus skeleton in the American Museum of Natural History.McCay would stand on stage in front of a projection screen, dressed in a tuxedo and wielding a whip. He would call Gertie, who appeared from behind some rocks. He then instructed her to perform various tricks, similar to a circus act. He would appear to toss a prop apple to her – McCay palmed the apple while Gertie caught an animated copy of it. Gertie was also seen to swallow a large stump, play with a Mastodon, and drink an entire lake dry. At one point, McCay would scold Gertie for misbehaving, at which she would begin to cry. For the finale, McCay disappeared behind the screen just as a cartoon version of him climbed onto Gertie’s head and rode off.

Movie theaters

McCay’s employer, William Randolph Hearst, was displeased with McCay’s success outside of the newspapers, and used his contractual power to reduce McCay’s stage activities. In late 1914, William Fox, offered to market Gertie the Dinosaur to moving-picture theaters. McCay accepted, and extended the film to include a live-action prologue and intertitles to replace his stage patter. This is the version of the film generally seen today; the original animation comprises roughly 5 minutes of the entire 12-minute film.

McCay sketching Gertie

The film features McCay with several of his cartoonist friends, such as George McManus (creator of Bringing Up Father), Roy McCardell, and Thomas A. Dorgan. As the film opens, they are “on a joy ride”, when their automobile suffers a flat tire in front of a museum. The cartoonists enter the museum, and see a “Dinosaurus” skeleton. McCay bets McManus a dinner that he can “make the Dinosaurs live again by a series of hand-drawn cartoons”. He then spends six months making “ten thousand cartoons”; when McManus visits, McCay shows him the drawings, although an assistant trips and scatters a large pile of them over the floor (a gag also used in the Little Nemo film). The scene then shifts to a dinner party with the group of cartoonists. McCay begins by sketching a single drawing of Gertie. Someone complains that “your bet was that you could make it move”, following which the film shifts to the original animated Gertie. McCay, through intertitles, tells Gertie to come out and bow, and continues through the same interaction as in the vaudeville show (although the “apple” that McCay throws to her is now referred to as a pumpkin, which was more appropriate for the size of Gertie’s mouth). The film concludes with the group telling George (McManus) to pay for the dinner.


Thousands of drawings for the film

Gertie the Dinosaur was produced before the introduction of later time-saving techniques such as cel animation. To create the film, McCay himself drew thousands of frames of Gertie on individual 6.5 x 8.5 inch sheets of rice paper. He hired neighbor and art student John A. Fitzsimmons to draw the backgrounds. Fitzsimmons carefully re-traced the rocks, lake and tree from a master drawing onto each sheet of rice paper.

In creating the film, McCay came up with a number of techniques that would later become standard in the animation industry. He used registration marks to keep the background aligned from frame to frame, so that it did not appear to “swim”, as often happened in early cartoons. He avoided some repetitious work by re-using drawings, in what would later be called cycling. He devised what he called the “McCay Split System”, the first occurrence of keyframe animation. Rather than draw each frame in sequence, he would start by drawing Gertie’s key poses, and then go back and fill in the frames between. McCay was also very concerned with accurate timing and motion; he timed his own breathing to determine how to animate Gertie’s breathing, and included subtle details such as the ground sagging beneath Gertie’s great weight.

McCay was very open about the techniques that he developed. During production of Gertie, he showed all the details to a visitor who claimed to be writing an article about animation. The visitor turned out to be John Randolph Bray, who later patented many of McCay’s methods and tried to sue him. McCay prevailed, however, and received royalties from Bray for several years thereafter.


Around 1921, McCay worked on a second animated film featuring Gertie, titled Gertie on Tour. The film would have Gertie visiting New York and Washington, D.C., bouncing on the Brooklyn Bridge and attempting to eat the Washington Monument, among other scenes. The film may have been designed for performance on the vaudeville stage; it exists today only in fragments and concept sketches.

A plagiarization of Gertie, from roughly 1915, was distributed for many years, incorrectly identified as McCay’s film. Donald Crafton suggests that this other Gertie may have been created by Bray Productions, based on its graphical style.

McCay’s son Robert, along with Disney animator Richard Huemer, recreated the original vaudeville performance for the Disneyland television program in 1955.


Dinosaur Gertie’s is a soft serve ice cream location at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, Florida. The building, an example of Programmatic architecture, is shaped like Dinosaur Gertie. The shop is located on Echo Lake.

Disney store and MiniMates Peter Pan

With the recent release of Peter Pan on Blu-ray, fans of all ages have had the chance to experience the classic animated film for the first time. And now they can act out the adventures they saw in the film using Minimates mini-figures! Two box sets and one vehicle featuring 2-inch Minimates of the famous Peter Pan characters have hit the Disney Store, and they are packed with playability!

The first set includes Cubby, Tootles, Nibs and Peter Pan, who comes with a removable dagger, a flight base, and a tiny hovering Tinkerbell. The second set has Captain Hook (with a removable sword and scabbard), John Darling (with his trademark umbrella), Michael Darling and a 2-inch Tinkerbell figure with her own flight base. And like all Minimates, the parts of each figure are fully interchangeable, so you can combine the figures in endless ways! Plus, the Jolly Roger pirate ship features adjustable masts, opening doors and extending planks, as well as two exclusive figures of Wendy and Smee!

Check out the figures in action below, and pick up the complete collection today! Look for them in stores now, and on disneystore.com soon!


The Disney Store Celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Peter Pan with Exclusive Minimates!

In 1953, the Walt Disney Company delighted audiences with its full-length animated feature Peter Pan, an adaptation of the 1911 novel about a magical boy who wouldn’t grow up. Now, with the first-ever Blu-Ray release of the film in stores now, the Disney Store has teamed up with Diamond Select Toys to release the first-ever Disney Minimates, based on Peter Pan!

Two boxed sets of four Minimates mini-figures each will be available in early March. The first set will include Peter and three of the lost boys – Cubby, Tootles and Nibs – and Peter comes with a miniature version of Tinkerbell that can hover over his shoulder. The second set will include Michael, John, Captain Hook and a full-sized figure of Tinkerbell. Both sets will include standing bases to support each character, as well as one flying base each, so you can have Peter and Tink float above the ground.

In addition to the two four-packs, Pan fans will be able to purchase the Jolly Roger, Captain Hook’s pirate ship! With opening doors and extending planks, the Jolly Roger has two removable and adjustable masts, and comes with two exclusive figures: Wendy and Smee!

Each Minimate stands 2 inches tall with 14 points of articulation, for a full range of poseability. Look for all three sets to arrive at Disney Stores and on DisneyStore.com in early March, so you can play with your toys along with the movie!



The Disney Store Rings Out the Year with Three Marvel Select Exclusives!


Marvel toy collectors just got another reason to put the nearest Disney Store in their GPS. After partnering with Diamond Select Toys on four exclusive Marvel Select Avengers figures and two exclusive Amazing Spider-Man movie figures, the Disney Store has teamed up with DST yet again, to deliver three new Marvel Select figures that collectors will be dying to own!

The first figure (available now) is the Savage Hulk, a new, modern Hulk based on artist Marc Silvestri’s rendering of the character in recent issues of the Incredible Hulk from Marvel Comics. Depicting a more intelligent version of the Hulk than previous Select offerings, this figure was sculpted by frequent Marvel Select contributor Jean St. Jean, and stands over 9 inches tall with 16 points of articulation.

The next figure is the Lizard, the longtime foe of Spider-Man and his opponent in this past summer’s Amazing Spider-Man movie. While the Marvel Select line has given us the Lizard as he appeared in the film, this all-new sculpt by Gabriel Marquez (who did MS Magneto) is the line’s first rendering of Dr. Curt Connors based on his classic comic-book appearance. Sporting 16 points of articulation, including double-jointed knees, he stands over 8 inches tall (when not crouching to attack an innocent human) and comes with a New York City street display base.

The third new Marvel Select figure is Flash Thompson as Venom! Flash Thompson is not only the latest host to wear the Venom symbiote, he’s also the one with the most training. A decorated soldier before he lost his legs in the Middle East, Flash uses the Venom suit to undertake dangerous missions for the government, and to complete his missing limbs. This 7-inch figure, also by St. Jean, comes with two weapons and 16 points of articulation and comes packaged with a wreckage-strewn display base.

All of these figures come packaged in the famous bookshelf-ready Select packaging, but for those of you just starting your Marvel Select collection, both the Lizard and Venom will also come packaged in the first-ever Marvel Select box set! The Spider-Man: Fearsome Foes box set includes Spider-Man, Lizard, Venom and the Green Goblin, and this set, like the individual figures, is only available at the Disney Store, as well as at marvelstore.com and disneystore.com. Look for them this holiday season!

Savage Hulk listing at MarvelStore.com: