Captain America: Civil War spoilers ahead

With next years highly anticipated film still being worked on,here is a huge spoiler for the film (if this is true of course)

Joining Captain America (Chris Evans)

on his crusade will be Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner),

Falcon (Anthony Mackie),

Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen),

Ant-Man (Paul Rudd)

and The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan).

While Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.)

will oppose them with The Vision (Paul Bettany),

Spider-Man (Tom Holland),
Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson)
and War Machine (Don Cheadle).
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How has TNA wrestling has improved

Julian Cannon back again for another post.and I would like to thank everyone for the feedback I have received on my last post. This time is a follow up to my post last year titled “10 ways to save tna wrestling “..

Within the last year,tna wrestling has changed a lot. Some are good and some are bad.I for one want tna to succeed and oneday compete with wwe THE RIGHT WAY NEXT TIME!. TNA wrestling has been around since 2002 and from that year until 2009, that was their best years. Within the last few years,tna has been compared to Wcw in many ways. Now let me get to the changes that they have made since June 2012..

1.going live

Tna needed to go live for a long time now. Fans who read the results online can hurt the show(this happens sometimes in wwe also). Since they have been live,the show feels different than it did when they were taped. Outside the many botches in the matches they do,the show has been entertaining for the most part. But for some reason, they cannot go higher than a 1.7 rating..the fans wanted them to go live,they got it but they still choose not to watch it..that’s the “internet wrestling community ” for you who cannot decide what they want.
Believe me it has been like that since 1997. champions

Bobby Roode is now the longest reiging world champion in tna,beating stings record he set in 2009. Bobby has made the belt important again from Jeff Hardy’s tarnished reign in 2011. He then lost it to Austin Aries in July and when Aries had the belt,he was not booked right at all..he held the xdivision title for the longest since Daniels back in 2005 and has had very solid matches and feuds..him with the world title just didn’t seem to click with the fans at all..I was for it but then he made face and heel Turns that didn’t make sense at all..then Aries lost the belt to Jeff Hardy and many believe that Hardy did not deserve it..Hardy has been through a lot before the win and he sells the most merchandise in the company so strapping the belt in my point of view makes sense although I would like to see bully ray or James storm or an styles become champ again.

3.aj styles vs Daniels feud put to rest…or is it?

Styles and Daniels has had over 900 matches (estimated) in total between tna,roh,pwg and new Japan pro wrestling. In bound for glory 2011, their match was tag lined “one last match “ who think that was going to be their last match..they then wrestled throughout 2012 and at November of that year,they had another “one last match” but this time if an lost, he would not get a shot for the world title until October 2013.. I didn’t believe that would happen but it did. How can tna do this to styles when he has been there from the beginning. For them to do that,that was a slasp in the face to his legacy and his fans..but who knows,these two wrestled a lot of times so we could see it again at bfg 2013 with the championship on the line

4.slashing away ppvs

In December 2012,Dixie Carter announced that tna will only have 4 ppvs a year..this brought confusion to the fans to why she would do this..this may be a good move but a risky one, this worked in wwe when they had 5 ppvs a year back from the “golden age era” to the early stages of the “new generation era”..this also worked for ecw when they had ppvs once every 2 months ..the big question is that can it work for tna..on order to do this,the feuds leading to the ppvs has to be very strong from the start..the problem with feuds is that they are bevy not memorable at all..why, is because after the ppv and then on the next TV show, 9 times out of 10,the payoff match will not get mentioned at all unless it is at the opening segment or music video. So if they want to put a risk for this, they can try.

5.aces and 8’s

The first time this group started in tna I thought that it was a good move.but a few weeks later, I realized that this group can’t be taken seriously at all. They run away from most people knowing that they outnumber those 2-3 people in the ring,they have not won one match until a February 2013 edition of impact, and the members anybody can care less about them. Now taz is the mouth piece of that group but yet he returns to commentary the following week which is ridiculous ..other then Mr Anderson and Devon who were established stars and wrestlers, the other members are ex wwe jobbers and just Eric bischoff son. Fans want to compare it to the nexus but they can’t because they were all new people and rising stars that wanted to get noticed and most of them are very good now in the main event/midcard scene right now..for me I want aces and 8’s to end already.

6. Tna on the road

Also announced from Carter is that tna will no longer tape their show at the impact zone..this is a great move because they have been there since 2004 and every wrestling fan wanted them to get away from Florida for a long time and at March they will start doing that..I am for this 100% but the question is that how long can they do this before the wrestlers get burned out..the one primary reason why ex wwe employees go there because they don’t have a brutal travel schedule..but after March they will hit the road week after week..I’m also for this because not a lot of places know what tna wrestling is so it is good to get your name out there..this year’s bound for glory will take place at the Alamo dome in San Antonio ,Texas..the last wrestling event to have ever sold out that arena was the 1997 royal rumble which would headline Shawn Michaels vs Sid for the wwf championship me this match is the most underrated match of the career of Shawn Michaels and I would watch it over and over again if I had to.

7. The x division

Nobody cannot deny this because the x division is not the same since Hogan and bischoff came along..these were also the matches the fans look forward too and the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the letter “tna”. Rvd is the current x division champion..he was xdivision before the name was even coined. But honestly he does not need to be champion in the xdivision.. Kenny king and a few others are looking good right now..but the wrestlers in this division has been cut down..Alex Shelly is no longer there,Jay lethal is back in roh, Jerry Lynn has retired and few others has moved up to the main event scene..the last person to have made the division important was Austin Aries and since then, it became an after thought. What can improve from the xdivision, the world will never know.

8.the roster /brook Hogan

I can say that the roster of TNA has had a drastic change within the last 7 months..the gut check segments are quite innovative as well..the best they have picked up is Christian York..he has wrestled in ecw with Joey mercury and in ring of honor for several years so for him to make it to either wwe or tna is a great move..also we seen the most dickhead move that tna has ever done which was bringing in brook Hogan..every time she is on tv, I change the channel because she is very awful as a character..not only that, she is the head of the knockouts division..lets give them a round of an applause because that absolutely sucks.

I really want tna to succeed but there is very little that has to be done to do that..we know it does not happen over night but a change does idea is to get Hogan out there as soon as possible because he has not done anything for them other than making the ring four sides again..

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New Hulk-Themed Marvel Minimates Box Set is Strongest Box Set There Is!

Only a select few Marvel characters have been given “Through the Ages” box sets entirely dedicated to them: Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine and soon Venom will make the cut. Well, the next “Through the Ages” set has been announced by Diamond Select Toys, and it features Marvel’s heaviest hitter, the Hulk! Hulk up your Minimates collection with these four legendary and exciting new Hulks!

Four figures representing different eras in Hulk’s life are included in the set:

– Joe Fixit, his grey-skinned enforcer persona from his time in Las Vegas; his Minimate will have a removable jacket, hat and tommy gun;
– Maestro, his evil future self who has defeated all of Earth’s heroes; he will include a removable cape, crown and a trophy display;
– Barbarian Hulk, from his time living in Subterranea among the Moloids;
– Composite Hulk, when he was briefly merged with his red counterpart.

This set will be released in spring 2013 to comic shops and specialty stores only, and will be available for pre-order starting this Friday, so reserve a set with your local shop or your favorite online retailer!
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The Disney Store Rings Out the Year with Three Marvel Select Exclusives!

Marvel toy collectors just got another reason to put the nearest Disney Store in their GPS. After partnering with Diamond Select Toys on four exclusive Marvel Select Avengers figures and two exclusive Amazing Spider-Man movie figures, the Disney Store has teamed up with DST yet again, to deliver three new Marvel Select figures that collectors will be dying to own!

The first figure (available now) is the Savage Hulk, a new, modern Hulk based on artist Marc Silvestri’s rendering of the character in recent issues of the Incredible Hulk from Marvel Comics. Depicting a more intelligent version of the Hulk than previous Select offerings, this figure was sculpted by frequent Marvel Select contributor Jean St. Jean, and stands over 9 inches tall with 16 points of articulation.

The next figure is the Lizard, the longtime foe of Spider-Man and his opponent in this past summer’s Amazing Spider-Man movie. While the Marvel Select line has given us the Lizard as he appeared in the film, this all-new sculpt by Gabriel Marquez (who did MS Magneto) is the line’s first rendering of Dr. Curt Connors based on his classic comic-book appearance. Sporting 16 points of articulation, including double-jointed knees, he stands over 8 inches tall (when not crouching to attack an innocent human) and comes with a New York City street display base.

The third new Marvel Select figure is Flash Thompson as Venom! Flash Thompson is not only the latest host to wear the Venom symbiote, he’s also the one with the most training. A decorated soldier before he lost his legs in the Middle East, Flash uses the Venom suit to undertake dangerous missions for the government, and to complete his missing limbs. This 7-inch figure, also by St. Jean, comes with two weapons and 16 points of articulation and comes packaged with a wreckage-strewn display base.

All of these figures come packaged in the famous bookshelf-ready Select packaging, but for those of you just starting your Marvel Select collection, both the Lizard and Venom will also come packaged in the first-ever Marvel Select box set! The Spider-Man: Fearsome Foes box set includes Spider-Man, Lizard, Venom and the Green Goblin, and this set, like the individual figures, is only available at the Disney Store, as well as at and Look for them this holiday season!

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Madame Tussaud Presents Marvel Superheroes 4D

By Edward Gambichler


     These days, you cannot see a movie without the major theatre chains offering the alternate “3D Experience” ( albeit with the additional ticket price increase needed to justify the eye candy ). Not many media outlets, tho, offer the truly visionary innovation that is the “4D Experience” and at a reasonable price of forty dollars. The New York franchise of Madame Tussaud’s wax figure museum, however, has risen to the challenge. And not only that…… showcases ( in both film and wax ) the Marvel Comic’s legendary lineup of superheroes. Unfortunately, in trying to rise to the challenge…………the good Madame misses the mark completely and plummets to the ground in flames.

     After paying the admittance fee, I took the elevator to the beginning of the tour. When I stepped off the elevator on to the ninth floor, I immediately was thrust into a celebrity filled A-list Holywood industry party. However, I wasn’t there to rub elbows with the self absorbed wax glitterati ( no offense to Brad, Angelina, George, Julia, and Morgan ), but with thunder gods and super-soldiers. As I made my way down to the eighth floor and through the historical figure exhibit of the museum ( almost running over Dr. Martin Luther King in the process ), I finally made it to the seventh floor and the Marvel exhibit. I expected the same grandeur that met me when I started the tour. What I got was what I can only be describe as a less than impressive display, hastily cobbled together to take advantage of the media blitz surrounding the release of the new Marvel film, “The Avengers”.

     First off, only four wax figures were on display, in the lobby of the theater wing of the museum. The wax figure lineup was comprised of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and the Hulk. Unfortunately, with the exception of Iron Man, the wax figures embodied the previous Marvel film incarnations of the characters. Instead of the modern Avengers Captain America, I was greeted with the WW2 First Avenger Captain. And the Incredible Hulk was more in line with Ang Lee’s version of the green goliath than with the new Joss Whedon version. Iron Man and Thor, however, retain a uniform look in both movies so it was hard to pick out the flaws with their figures. And Nick Fury, Black Widow, and Hawkeye could not be found anywhere. It was as if the museum director had just used wax figures that were laying around instead of requisitioning new ones made up. I was tempted to run back up to the ninth floor A-list party and make a grab for Sam Jackson to flesh out the display. The exhibit did not reflect the new movie’s lineup. That left the animated short film in the theater to salvage whatever hopes I had for a truly unique 4D experience.

     The movie begins with Captain America and Spiderman walking up to Buckingham Palace to accept an award from the Queen. Unfortunately, Dr. Doom shows up to throw a wrench in the proceedings. Pretty soon, Iron Man, Wolverine, and the Incredible Hulk show up to lend a much needed hand against the evil tyrant. The CGI animation ( although not on par with Pixar’s standard of excellence ) is shot to take advantage of the 3D. The 4D, however, left much to be desired. Whenever a character is thrown into a fountain, for example, a mist of  water is sprayed on the audience. And whenever Iron Man and Dr. Doom go at it with an array of power blasts, the side of the theater would pulsate with sequenced light fixtures. I think I’ll wait  May 4th to get my fix of The Avengers…in regular ole Digital IMAX………3D and 4D be damned!

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