Speaking Geek: Is Godzilla too fat?

By Robert ” RobBase” Greenwood

The subject at hand is based on an article originally posted on Rocket news:


Is Godzilla supersized for no other reason but to be big? I love the new look to this King of all movie monsters and his transformation over the years has always upped the ante, so to speak.

Over the past 60 years, Godzilla has evolved and morphed, sometimes with Godzilla having a rather heavy bottom with a leaner top half.


Godzilla seems more of a monster than dinosaur in this new version. I hope this film delivers a great story that can wash the foul taste of 1997’s debacle of a film.


The Japanese fan base is split with most people laughing at Godzilla’s size and so called lack of a neck. But I think the new film honors and updates what we have come to love about the mean-green-fire-spewing-machine, Godzilla.

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