WWE: Punk vs Bryan vs Kane preview

By Julian Cannon

So this Raw we got to see a rematch from Smackdown that pitted Kane against the WWE Champion CM Punk. Kane won this match after AJ came out and distracted Bryan, who Punk then attacked outside the ring. When he got back in the ring he was instantly chokeslamed and was pinned. After the match Kane cornered AJ, but Bryan ran in and attacked Kane from behind, however Kane countered and attacked Bryan. With both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan down and out Kane once again cornered AJ, who rightfully looked on in shock and fright…until one thing happened.

AJ smiled at Kane and Kane turned his back and left while AJ looked on all googily eyed. Now this segement and the following with Josh Matthews has left many wrestling fans including myselfs thinking, “What the Hell just happened?” Well, no worries my friends as after several hours of thought I think I have figured out the answer.
At No Way Out CM Punk will be forced to defend his title not just against Daniel Bryan but also against Kane. Many wrestling fans believe that Kane was just put in the match to take the fall and allow the feud to carry on to Summerslam without anybody looking weak. I too believed this up until last Smackdown when Kane had a championship match against CM Punk. This Raw confirms it. I fully believe that Kane will win the match at No Way Out, but not without some help from Punk and Bryan’s little friend AJ.

AJ will cost CM Punk the championship, and allow Kane to win it. Not Bryan, but Kane. Also, CM Punk announced during a recent Q/A that the WWE is indeed making a new title belt that is 20 pounds HEAVIER than the current one. Now who the heck would be able to carry that much weight confortably…not Punk or Bryan. No, this new belt will debute with Kane and Kane will likely be WWE Champion for a long time before finally retiring.
AJ will also be involved in Kane’s championship run. She will be Kane’s girlfriend (God does that feel wierd typing haha). She will say that she has come to realization that she is cursed, so that she must side with someone who is the representation of true evil…someone who is also cursed. And this will of course be Kane.
And for all of you Bryan vs. Punk lovers, no worries. At MitB look for Daniel Bryan to cost CM Punk his rematch and then they will of course continue to fued and finally have the match everyone has been waiting for at Summerslam.

“Now hold on a second, speaking of MitB, won’t the MitB winner end Kane’s championship run?” My answer is going to have to be a NO. Like I said before Kane will have a long run before retiring and will probably, maybe not, but probably end the MitB winners’ undeafeted streak. Finally, somebody will cash in the briefcase and lose.
So, the question remains who will stop Kane’s reign of terror? Well, it won’t be Cena, Orton, or any other big name star. So my guess will be Drew McYntire. Maybe not though…who knows. All I know for certain is that despite Cena getting stuffed down our throats last Raw, this is a interesting and entertaining time to be a wrestling fan.

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