WWE: Top 5 Kane moments

By Julian Cannon
On the Dec. 12 episode of WWE RAW¬†Kane returned and shocked the WWE Universe when he choke slammed John Cena and resurrected his red mask. This is a great return to the Attitude Era of WWE Raw and has brought back a lot of memories of the masked Kane WWE fans knew and loved. As the resurrected Kane enters a new era in the WWE, relive some of his greatest moments from “WWE Raw” and get ready for another great run until his retirement.
Kane’s Debut
The arena lights turned red, no one knew what was going on, and then the Undertaker’s former manager Paul Bearer emerged with the Big Red Machine behind him. Yes, Kane’s debut at the Badd Blood pay per view was a sight to be seen. He tore the door off the Hell in a Cell, easily attacked the Undertaker, and portrayed himself as an unstoppable monster.

Kane vs. Vader – Over the Edge 1998

Everyone wanted to know what was under Kane’s mask as he described the burn scars that he suffered from the Undertaker. Fans would get the first chance during a “Mask vs. Mask” match at the Over the Edge 1998 pay per view event. Kane and Vader battled in a great big-man match-up, but Vader was still unable to overcome Kane’s power. In the end, Vader had to remove his mask and Kane remained the mysterious monster that other wrestlers feared.
Kane’s First Blood Match
How do you make a masked man bleed? That was the predicament Stone Cold Steve Austin found himself in during the 1998 King of the Ring pay per view. Before the event, Kane taunted Stone Cold, used a voice box to speak to him, and even dumped gallons of blood on him in the ring. At the match, interferences from the Undertaker and Mankind led to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s bloodshed and a one night title reign for Kane.
money in the bank
kane managed to defeat Hardy, Christian, Big Show, McIntyre, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes, Kingston & Ziggler to win the MITB ladder match and hence, a championship match whenever he wished. Later that night after Jack Swagger brutally attacked World Heavyweight Champion Mysterio and almost broke his ankle after the match, Kane became the first man to cash in his MITB contract the same night he won it. Kane became the new World Heavyweight champion after hitting a chokeslam and a tombstone of Mysterio.
Kane Removes Mask
There was huge anticipation when Kane was forced to remove his mask in 2003. When he did, he became enraged, attacked his former partner, Rob Van Dam, and in an interview he set WWE announcer JR on fire.
here is a link to the unmasking if you are new to the wwe(also that event happened in msg and i was there)

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