WWE: Cena vs Big show preview

By Julian Cannon

When it comes to WWE Superstars, John Cena and The Big Show both rank high on the importance list. John Cena is the money-maker for the WWE merchandising machine and The Big Show is an attraction that brings people into the arenas in droves. As a huge WWE fan, I can vouch for the incredible feeling that one gets when he enters an arena. The guy is so big you have to question if he is human or not when you first see him. It is shocking. The bottom line is that these guys are both valuable commodities. It behooves the WWE to keep both of them looking strong. Both John Cena and The Big Show have had some pretty rough times lately. No Way Out should be a toss up as to who will win because they both need it.

John Cena’s Summer of Discontent
Cena has been suffering losses and beat downs regularly this summer and it is odd to see. Usually Super Cena is a guy that never loses. He overcomes impossible odds to always end up on the winning side. Lately, however, Cena has been looking like the guy that is getting steamrolled. It started with his epic encounter with The Rock(to which everybody thought that the rock should have not win)at WrestleMania and has continued through to his silly match with John Laurinaitis. That match at Over the Limit is where Big Show and Cena would merge paths.

The Big Show Crying
Big Show spent a good deal of this year getting punked by Cody Rhodes. Finally, at WrestleMania, the Big Show took the Intercontinental Title from Cody. In no time, he dropped the title and started to kind of fade away for a bit. Big Show reappeared to become a part of the Laurinaitis People Power story only to be fired by Big Johnny. This led to an epic scene where Big Show cried on camera in the middle of the ring. To say that weakened his character is an understatement.

Over the Limit Explosion
John Cena would be happy to see Big Show appear at his Over the Limit match with Laurinaitis, but he would soon find out it was not to cheer him on. Big Show instead hit Cena with his Weapon of Mass Destruction and cost him the match. This gave Big Johnny the opening needed to reinstate Show and set up this match between Big Show and Cena. They will face one another in a steel cage to sweeten the deal for WWE fans.

Who Will Win?
At this point, John Cena really can’t afford another loss. For this reason, I see John Cena finally slaying the Giant and moving on to something fresh. The Big Show can handle any weak character flaws because he is so large and overwhelming to WWE crowds. Big Show is over no matter what his status. John Cena, however, needs a win badly. For this reason, I say John Cena will win the steel cage match and walk out of No Way Out with some renewed pride for the Cenation.

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