Twitter Pitch: WB’s Blue Ribbon Content & Amuse USA develop series w/Japanese pop-metal sensation@BABYMETAL_JAPAN #BABYMETAL


BURBANK, Calif. (September 28, 2016) — Fresh off the triumphant finale to their unforgettable 2016 world tour in front of more than 110,000 fans at the Tokyo Dome, Japanese pop-metal sensation BABYMETAL will embark on a new adventure with an original shortform series from Warner Bros.’ digital studio Blue Ribbon Content and Japanese powerhouse Amuse Inc’s subsidiary, Amuse USA. Manager and creator of BABYMETAL Key Kobayashi (a.k.a. KOBAMETAL) is also producing. The hybrid live-action and animated project is currently in development, it was announced today by Sam Register, President, Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Digital Series.


Sam Register said: “BABYMETAL have to be seen to be believed — a mind-blowing, fun combination of pop vocals, heavy metal music and dance choreography brought to life by three incredibly talented teenage stars. We are huge fans here at Blue Ribbon Content and are extremely excited to help bring the BABYMETAL phenomenon to U.S. audiences through this upcoming digital series.”


Tatsuro Hatanaka, President, Amuse, Inc. and Amuse USA, commented: “We are grateful for Warner Bros. and Blue Ribbon Content’s interest in BABYMETAL, and to be moving onward with the project. We are very much looking forward to working on this project with Sam and his team, and hope everyone will enjoy our completed work.”


The action-adventure will take viewers inside the magical world of heavy metal music as it comes under attack, and one lonely god, Kitsune, forms the warrior band BABYMETAL to save the day. In the series, SU-METAL, YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL join together to ultimately redefine the genre. The series will also feature new live-action performances from the group, who will enter the animated world through a secret portal.


Fronted by three teenage girls with choreographed dance moves to accompany their vocals, BABYMETAL is making waves in the music industry with two chart-topping albums that have solidified the Japanese pop-metal band’s cross-continent success. In fact, the buzz-worthy group recently caught the attention of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who are taking them on their first UK tour in five years.


With a name inspired by “the birth of new metal” and a goal of fusing metal and pop music, the BABYMETAL lineup includes SU-METAL, YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL. BABYMETAL has already achieved two major debut singles, both of which ranked in the Top 10 Oricon chart in Japan. Their first studio album also earned the #1 spot on Billboard’s World Album chart, and the official live music video for their debut album’s lead single,“Gimme Chocolate!!,” has garnered more than 60 million views on YouTube. Their sophomore album,METAL RESISTANCEmade them the first Japanese act to make the Billboard200 album chart’s top 40 in 53 years. They have also won several awards, including:


·       The Breakthrough Act award at the 2015 Metal Hammer Golden Gods

·       The Spirit of Independence award at the 2015 Kerrang! Awards

·       MTV Europe’s Wildcard Best Japanese Act

·       The Discovery Prize at GQ Japan’s Men of the Year 2015 Awards

·       Women of the Year prize at VogueJapan’s Women of the Year 2015 Awards

·       Best Live Act award at the 2016Kerrang! Awards

·       Best Live Act award at the 2016 AIM Independent Music Awards


Since its inception, the Japanese metal dance unit has developed a devoted fan base that describes their concerts as both energetic and unforgettable. The band has also received glowing praise from the industry’s top acts, includingSlipknot’s Corey Taylor, Guns N’ Roses’ Slash and Rob Zombie, who toldBillboard that BABYMETAL “are like nothing I’ve ever seen before.” The new series will take their energy from the stage to the screen with a can’t-miss adventure for all ages.


Review: Break the Walls, a comic based on music from the Pixies.

By Robert Greenwood

Creativity and inspiration are mighty powerful bedfellows.  Growing up during the modernized age of enlightenment, or in laymen terms, the 1980s.

I became obsessed with having my subcultures combined. I would find ways of having my music be the life track to my toys and as soon as I discovered comics I would be caught endlessly listening to the Ramones as my backdrop to Stray Toasters. Led Zeppelin’s 10 years gone was the travel song of Havoc and Wolverine. I remember finding the Crow and learning all about Joy Division.























Finding comics that actually used music as their inspiration is more rare than comics about music groups. Just look at any Kiss comic for that. This brings me to the collective work in this comic. Each story has something very much Pixies inspired but also retains its own voice, its own style.

The first tale, Planet of Sound, re-imagines the detective noir with a new twist on its structure.

Each story without spoilers has a completely different art style and story arc that sometimes finding the inner Pixie maybe a little daunting.

This title is a MUST buy for every Pixie fan and fan of indie/gritty underground-esque comic books. If and when you buy this collection, listen to it with each song playing in the background. I’m hoping for more comics like this in the near future.

If I can leave a final thought it’s this…

With the haunting intro to Where Is My Mind firmly placed in my frontal lobes it resonates through my eyes in a feast of comic bliss, making this comic a future contender for iconic books of the 21 century.

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