Review: Break the Walls, a comic based on music from the Pixies.

By Robert Greenwood

Creativity and inspiration are mighty powerful bedfellows.  Growing up during the modernized age of enlightenment, or in laymen terms, the 1980s.

I became obsessed with having my subcultures combined. I would find ways of having my music be the life track to my toys and as soon as I discovered comics I would be caught endlessly listening to the Ramones as my backdrop to Stray Toasters. Led Zeppelin’s 10 years gone was the travel song of Havoc and Wolverine. I remember finding the Crow and learning all about Joy Division.























Finding comics that actually used music as their inspiration is more rare than comics about music groups. Just look at any Kiss comic for that. This brings me to the collective work in this comic. Each story has something very much Pixies inspired but also retains its own voice, its own style.

The first tale, Planet of Sound, re-imagines the detective noir with a new twist on its structure.

Each story without spoilers has a completely different art style and story arc that sometimes finding the inner Pixie maybe a little daunting.

This title is a MUST buy for every Pixie fan and fan of indie/gritty underground-esque comic books. If and when you buy this collection, listen to it with each song playing in the background. I’m hoping for more comics like this in the near future.

If I can leave a final thought it’s this…

With the haunting intro to Where Is My Mind firmly placed in my frontal lobes it resonates through my eyes in a feast of comic bliss, making this comic a future contender for iconic books of the 21 century.