Transformers: Xovergen Trailerforce

This awesome 3rd party custom will come out sometime in 2012 and will be able to house G1 Prime/Convoy and Power Master Prime/God Ginrai


New custom TrailerForce TF-01 from Xovergen
Product Name:TrailerForce
Product Code:TF-01
Trailer Length: Approximately 258mm
Alternate Mode: Transform into an articulated Masterpiece scale figure
Material: ABS/POM

Transformers: Knowing is half the battle


Through out the 80’s many beloved animated toy icons told us right from wrong. GI Joe, He-man and a slew of other cartoon classics have always given advice to kids.

So it should come as no surprise that the world of beings that are more than meets the eyes would tell us what to do as well. These PSAs are nothing short of super creepy and sometimes border criminal activity.

Bumblebee talks about the dangers of running away.

Tracks talks about why its wrong to steal cars!

(yes some kid almost car jacks Tracks)

Red Alert talks about being seen at night while riding on a bike.

(Red Alert almost kills these kids on their bikes)

Seaspray talks about making sure if you’re on a boat you must always wear a life jacket!

Powerglide talks about equal opportunity.

No matter what you think about these PSAs. They hit a common nerve that is so typical in many lives of kids even today.

check them out below!


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