lost nights in her eyes

GOD, how we miss the sounds of a Friday night! Standing under the street lamps as if a million drops of dark light sparkle around us. En-casing Us in a heavenly glow that was you! Watching you smoke your cigarette and drink your wine, the vapors of smoke filter your face like an old time movie we begged you to watch with us. your lips press up to the bottle and sip, leaving only a mere drop of wine like a red gradient rainbow from the lip to the bottle neck. We obsess over your smile like gold miners hording the small fragment of gold they have discovered. The Friday night clouds form images of you that our eyes can only see, her brown hair blows back with strips of blond thrown in. the sound of summer and the noise of winter confuse our memory. When was it that we lost you?  Was it near or far, did we even talk about the idea of not being with you ever again?  Questions of which we do not have answers for, nor do we even want. on a Friday like tonight I ponder and wonder what could and should have been. yet we are here and you are not, we lost you to the annals of time and memory.