Top 10 banned Yu-Gi-Oh cards

Since 2004, there has been certain restrictions to cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game. There are 3 lists for players to follow and to build their decks. “Forbidden” means that you are not allowed to have any copies of the particular cards in your deck, “limited” means you can only have one copy of a particular card in your deck and “Semi-Limited” means you can have only two particular cards in your deck. Whatever cards that are not on these lists, you can have a max of 3 cards in your deck. The reason for these lists is for balancing issues and to prevent powerful cards being used to win duels or to cut strategies. I have played the game from 2001-2008 and I have came across these lists in that time span. Every 6 months, these lists are updated and certain cards are either switched from one list to another or removed entirely. Now it is time to count down the top 10 forbidden cards in Yu-Gi-Oh history.

10. Dimension Fusion(Spell Card)


The most powerful spell for special summoning ever created. It took a long time to be forbidden but the card can easily create otks (one turn kill strategy). You can use just your own banished monsters and dont need ur opponent to have any. This card is crazy since it gives you the ability to get so many powerful banished monster cards out at once. Very few cards in existance have that ability.

9. Imperial Order (Continuous Trap Card)


Best negation ever created. Almost free and negates(cancels effects) any regular, quick-play, or ritual spell card.It can almost kill certain decks. maybe it would be weaker in a 10+ trap and less spell format, but not many decks would ignore this card. Also, there are certain cards that allows you to not pay any life points so be warned if someone use a card with that effect and this card at the same time.

8. Fiber Jar (Flip-Effect Monster Card)


While I must say that the Jar cards are weird as hell, this takes the cake. It’s a very unique and extremely badly designed card, but why? Because it’s essentially a reset button that I honestly think any and every deck would include on the simple basis that it saves you more than any other card could.

Not only does the game reset barring Life points which is in and of itself as luck based as it could get, this in tournaments can easily extend duels to be far longer than they should and draw everybody into overtime. This could possibly be what got in banned in the first place, since duels used to be far slower than they are now.

The card, like the other Jars, has a backing in luck to it. Morphing Jar gambles your opponent drawing 5 good cards, Cyber Jar gambles your opponent getting good cards AND enormous field presence, this risks your opponent getting a good opening hand.

It’s beyond the luck of the other cards in that it flips the bird to most of what happened prior to this card’s flip. There’s so little skill involved and it’s just a lazy reset button for anybody who’s in a poor situation, plus, the idea of people running this at 1 frequently gives the possibly for 2 to go off in one game. Duels would have potential to be the length of matches.

It makes things tedious and somewhat boring, on top of it. It’s just annoying to run into this and have to re-rely on luck because of a cheap flip-effect that re-does all but life points, meaning you could then re-open terribly.

The card itself is too good on almost every level to come back and most certainly would heavily impact the game. Should stay at 0, forever. Pojo opinion, begin.

7. Exchange Of The Spirit (Trap Card)


One of the fastest otk cards ever created. The duel can easily end before even starting your first turn. Easy to get 15 cards in the graveyard and comboing this with Hand Destruction easily ends the game. Nothing can stop this when you dont even get the chance to set a card. broken beyond belief. In fact, I was defeated a number of times due to card combos involving this card and cards that can damage your life points due to the number of cards that are in the graveyard.

6. Raigeki (Spell Card) and Harpie’s Feather Duster (Spell Card)



The reason these two cards are tied is because they both do almost the same action. Raigeki’s effect allows you to destroy all monsters on your opponents side of the field and the Feather Duster allows you to destroy every Spell and Trap on your opponents side of the field. Now imagine using these two cards in the same turn. Completely unfair. Raigeki was one of the first cards to be on the Forbidden list in 2004 and in October 2014, it was finally removed after spending 10 years on lockdown.

5. Thousand-Eyes Restrict (Fusion- Effect Monster Card)


This card annoyed the living crap out of me so bad that I refused to duel against anybody who had this card in their deck. All monsters except that one on the field cannot attack or change their battle positions. Plus, you can take control of one of your opponents monsters and have it as your own and whatever attack that monster is, will be transferred to this monster.

4. Tribe-Infecting Virus (Effect Monster Card)


Another card that is really powerful. It is too powerful because the effect is not once per turn. It can destroy any monster card on the field that you call (for example, Dragon, Zombie, Spellcaster types and more) as long as you discard a card from your hand. Every turn you can literally wipe the field with this card. The only way your Monster cards cannot be affected is if you have them on face down defense position.

3. Number 16: Shock Master (XYZ Effect Monster)


The effect is similar to the previous card but it really slows down the pace of a turn of using a card. Imagine that you cannot use an effect or activate a certain type of card until the end of your next turn. Talk about a serious cut down.



The only card in the game to clear everyone’s hand and field in one shot. Once you pay 1000 life points, every card on the field and both players hands are sent to the graveyard and your opponent takes 300 points of damage for each card sent. Imagine that there is 20 cards on the field and about a different number in both players hands. You can deal up to between 6000-8000 points of damage to your opponents life points in one turn. Now that is an overkill.

2. Sixth Sense (Trap Card)


The effect of this trap card can be both good and bad. The reason it can be good is because if one of the dice number results land correctly, you can draw as much cards depending on one of the selected numbers. If one of your two choices does not come up on the result of the dice roll, then you have to discard the number of cards from your deck. This can actually be dangerous because there are certain monsters with effects that can activate once they are discarded from the top of the deck. Also, the effect of allowing you to draw that many cards can benefit the player if they desperately need powerful cards.

1. Yata-Garasu (Effect Monster)


The most notorious card on this list. This card was banned the moment tournament players discovered exploits with this card to lock down players from drawing a card during the “draw phase” at the start of every turn. There are hundreds of combos to execute the “Yata-Garasu lock” and even more ways to prevent this card from ever leaving the field. I highly ever doubt that this card will ever get off the forbidden list due to the many exploits you can do with this one card every turn.

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The Door By A Kirana

The Door by A. Kirana

‘Come,’ a silken voice intones, awakening me from my slumber.

Without thought nor protest, I rise to follow.

My perception dims, as I walk blindly down the path I’m shown.

Candles flicker in my wake, briefly illuminating my way.

Shadows dance before me as laughter hurries me forth.

Racing down the darkened hallway, I’m startled to find a doorway barring my way.

Tentatively, I reach out, as it looms before me, beckoning me.

Cold to the touch, I recoil as if burned.

Turning to run, insistent voices urge me forward.

Rooted in place, a feeling of apprehension encompasses me.

A gentle breeze caresses my skin, attempting to sooth me.

With my fears assuaged, I glance around bewildered.

Facing the door anew, I ask in a quiet voice, “What am I to do?”

From the shadows, a voice replies, “Enter, child.”

In a moment, the door stood ajar, inviting me in.

Taking hesitant steps closer, I peer inside, only to retreat.

Mournful cries of pain and anguish reach out to me from within.

Fear clutches at my heart, as the cries bring me to my knees.

“It is time,” a voice urges me, as shadowy wraiths encircle me.

“No,” I sob, crawling through the shadows, futilely attempting an escape.

Unseen hands reach for me, gently leading me toward the door.

Struggling in vain seems only to tighten their hold on me.

Ceasing the fight, I resign myself to my fate, allowing myself to be led.

Standing in the doorway, I reel in horror as I watch familiar scenes unfold.

Straining against invisible bonds, as I choke back my terror, I cry, “Why?”

In a sorrowful tone, a voice replies, “You must face this, child.”

Sobbing, as my strength ebbs away, I feel a gentle tug upon my wrist.

Looking down, I find myself staring into the eyes of a child.

Seeing the depth of sadness within those eyes made my heart ache.

Angered, I cry out, “A child’s eyes should be filled with wonder not pain.”

Silence mocking me, as I continue, “What has been done to this child?”

A long moment passes, before a voice queries, “Do you not know?”

Turning to face the child, with my anger now sobered, I gasp as I finally see.

Falling to my knees to take the child into my arms, I attempt to ease her pain.

Weeping as I hold the child, I gasp for air while memories flood my mind.

A myriad of forgotten pain and emotions cascade into my being, filling an emptiness.

A strangled cry escapes my lips as I try to brace myself for the onslaught.

Tightening my embrace around the child, I am startled to find my arms empty.

My eyes quickly search the mist-shrouded figures, to no avail, the child had vanished.

Staggered by the whole experience, I collapse from weariness.

The door closed loudly behind me, jarring me back into consciousness.

Shivering, I listen to the anguished wails around me, not wanting to witness the cause.

A piercing cry for help cuts through the din, sending chills racing through me.

Frozen in remembrance, my tears fall silently, achingly.

“There is more to see, child,” a voice, filled with pity, softly said.

“No more,” I rasp, unable to endure.

“You must,” the voices cry in unison, as images began to change and swirl around me.

“I can’t,” I cry, shrinking back from the flickering scenes that enveloped me in their midst.

Reaching through the span of time, shattered reflections stare lifelessly back at me from yesterday.

Sobbing, I recall the oppressive pain brought by silence and the overwhelming fear of truth.

Nightmarish specters howl their fury as they immerse me in their vicious games.

Screaming in terror, I watch childhood end with one swift blow.

Shuddering with remembered pain, shadowy tendrils of forgotten fears find their mark.

Embracing myself for comfort, I ache as I witness the walls being built.

Enshrouded within the shredded remnants of life’s tapestry, I mourn all I have lost.

Suddenly, mirthless laughter fills the room, as icy fingers of trepidation hold me in a viselike grip.

Paralyzed, I find myself staring into the cold blue eyes of one whose intent shone cruelly.

Unable to flee, I cower before his lecherous grin.

Helpless, I shriek wildly as innocent blood is spilled, staining all I see a livid red.

Shocked by the brutality, overcome by guilt, I watch as I was shamed into silence.

Embittered by the memory, as I listen to my cries, I long for retribution.

“No more!” I plead as the shadows converge, blurring the scene.

Plunged suddenly into darkness, I cringe, listening to the continuing songs of lament.

As the cries reach an agonizing pitch, I steel myself, afraid of what was to come.

Light flares, momentarily blinding me, as memories began to reform.

Wrapped within my defenses, I coolly face the thinning shadows.

In a voice tight with anguish, I whisper, “Not this,” as my defenses shattered.

Aching, I reach for the memory, futilely screaming my protests, to no avail.

“Forgive me,’ I whisper hoarsely, as I witness life being bled from me.

Like a blow to my heart, guilt staggered me, crippling me.

Unable to bear witness, I crawl blindly through the carnage of what was.

My tears fall endlessly, as I desperately search for an escape.

Relief washes over me, as I stumble into the door.

Rising upon unsteady legs, I make my final plea, “Please, no more.”

“But you must face this child,” a voice replies sympathetically.

With my head in my hands, I cry, “I cannot.  I am not ready.”

The howls around me grew frantic, pleading to be heard.

“You may never be ready, but you must face this one day.”

The door finally opens, releasing me from my prison.

Sobbing, I close the door behind me, knowing one day I must return.

lost nights in her eyes

GOD, how we miss the sounds of a Friday night! Standing under the street lamps as if a million drops of dark light sparkle around us. En-casing Us in a heavenly glow that was you! Watching you smoke your cigarette and drink your wine, the vapors of smoke filter your face like an old time movie we begged you to watch with us. your lips press up to the bottle and sip, leaving only a mere drop of wine like a red gradient rainbow from the lip to the bottle neck. We obsess over your smile like gold miners hording the small fragment of gold they have discovered. The Friday night clouds form images of you that our eyes can only see, her brown hair blows back with strips of blond thrown in. the sound of summer and the noise of winter confuse our memory. When was it that we lost you?  Was it near or far, did we even talk about the idea of not being with you ever again?  Questions of which we do not have answers for, nor do we even want. on a Friday like tonight I ponder and wonder what could and should have been. yet we are here and you are not, we lost you to the annals of time and memory.

My crucifixion

My crucifixion

Devil in me wants you to stay

The angel in me wants you to stay as well

But knows it has to let you go

The lover in me needs you close

The hater in me wants you to go away

But hates itself for thinking so

The father in me needs you to learn

The failure in me wants you to run away

But tells itself to lie for you

My crucifixion

My imperfection

My sadness

My welfare

Devil in me tells the angel to fly off

The lover tells the hater to fuck off

The father keeps nurturing

As the failure keeps failing

My crucifixion

My imperfection

My sadness

My welfare

Devil man and angel walk hand in hand

The lover figure and hater attack each other constantly

As the father keeps telling the failure to be good

And they all know they have no control over you

My crucifixion

My imperfection

My sadness

My welfare

Robert greenwood 11/13/03


Goodbye my lover of time

goodbye my lover of time

don’t blame my shame on love
don’t take away my good night kiss
don’t steal away my love

say goodbye
to my goodnight kiss
say hello
to my sadness

my impending emptiness

this is my last request for you
please don’t change who you are to me
don’t dye your hair  a shade of grey
don’t perm nor press
and don’t color your nails this is my request
just stay the same way as you were before the night
I screwed it all up for us
I’m just a fool inside who can’t change your mind

no gift can mend your shattered heart
and no words could save this broken soul of yours

don’t blame my shame on love
don’t take away my good night kiss
don’t steal away my love

say goodbye
to my goodnight kiss
say hello
to my sadness

my impending emptyness

goodbye my love
is all you say to me now as you turn away and walk
so very fast out the side door
the clouds begin to pour
rain drops on the floor

goodbye my love goodbye

don’t blame my shame on love
don’t take away my good night kiss
don’t steal away my love

say good bye
to my goodnight kiss
say hello
to my sadness

my impending emptyness

goodbye  goodbye goodbye goodbye

robert greenwood songs/poem 2/15/04

Saturday Night (poem 2004)

Saturday Night So many times in our lives we feel the need to cry.
So give me a reason why all the love in life must try
To get rid of itself wastefully, unattainable and with most haste.
Like a flower that blooms just to wilt and die, I felt my heart…
Well a piece of it just crumbled and flaked away on Saturday
Midday, my soul fell weak and shriveled. To the sounds of a friend,
More perfect than most, stop by to tell us she has finally reached the coast.
The ocean breeze, I guess it’s better than the perfect trees that we planted together!
Her boat had docked for about 3 to 4 hours and it wishes to sail away and never darken our….
Let’s not become over poetic this is the story of love come and love lorn to love must go with another
Tell me something new and I will show you why I hate my hatred, why I hate life for it has not shown us anything useful.
I hate the time we lose. All the phone calls she doesn’t send, I hate myself forgiving in, as I surrender to the idea of losing
To the fame of unknown love that will never be fulfilled because we have to stand idlly by and let it fly
For a man most educated, the only word I can say is something so small and insignificant
I hate myself for letting you get away
I hate the dreams we have of you
The love we shared with you
The companionship you let us reach
The coffee we drank every Sunday when we would meet
The kisses you gave the hugs we squeezed
The hopelessness of truth
Saturday change the outcome but not how we feel
We love you now more than ever
But will stand back as you congeal into the arms of another you really don’t love
But with this I say from the both of us good luck

With love,
We give .
With hope,
We shared.
With heavenly arms,
We hold your heart
And tell you we shall never let you come apart.

Your angels wait near, and the fiction of our future once so dear to us now just a dream.
We love thee and pray to be with you one day.
Ever and ever the never ending September
The time we learn the truth about us now that a year may be nearly past now in this cold
January we look to a warmer climate in you maybe…. but I could be wrong

To you the golden goddess
From the angels of dreams

A short poem of losing it all and gaining nothing back
By Robert Greenwood