Galvatron the Gun


Galvatron the gun?

Many Transformers fans know that G1 is split between two time frames, the 1980’s and the year 2005, which happened during the animated movie and the subsequent seasons that followed.

With a full change of direction and many new cast members, this has added a new dimension to the popular toy and cartoon franchise.  The year 2005 also saw the demise of Optimus Prime and the near devastation of Cybertron.

The Decepticon leader known as Megatron didn’t fare so well. He was abandoned in space and left to rust until he was reborn as Galvatron.

When the action figure was released in America, it showed his robotic transformation and his cannon transformation, but most didn’t realize that he was a true triple changer with his ability to transform into a laser gun.

I always wanted to know why Hasbro never pushed for this mode. Maybe with the rise of crime and kids with guns being almost completely outlawed in the states, this prompted Hasbro to go for the gun mode.

In the elemental scale of coolness, the elevation of Galvatron has just superseded its previous position due to adding a gun mode and making him that much cooler than we once thought.

Check out this awesome Galvatron video from YouTube channel optibotimus. This is the reissue with the solid metal matrix.

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