New York Anime Festival at Kinokuniya


So at Kinokuniya on 6th ave and 40 street, they had a panel of artist from around the Manga-verse !

crowd.jpg crowd-2.jpgcrowd-3.jpgdark-crowd.jpg

the panel was amazing and the crowd that was sitting nearby enjoyed every minute

people-sitting.jpg people-sitting-girl-drawing.jpg

but due to the limited and flat out lack of size for the panel space most fans had to stand off to the side and far in the back behind book cases, along with people who were inside the cafe area talking over the panel. If and When they do this again we feel holding a panel at a ny comic book convention maybe the best thing.

ben-and-manga.jpg naratuo-and-tifa.jpgbilly-and-ben.jpgkids-lookint-at-books.jpgbilly-benny-and-crystal.jpgnaratuo.jpgastro-boy.jpgchick-with-cap.jpg

We had a blast and we love New York Anime Festival and Kinokuniya

just wish we had some more room to hear the panel better!


Big Apple Comic Con 2007

Their site

big-apple-con-pamp-2007.jpg this was their program booklet

we paid 20 bucks a pop just to be there on saturday. if you have never gone to a comic book convention ever in life then the big apple con is a great starter convention. we started going to big apple comics convention when they first started back when it was held in 1996 in the basement of St. George’s Church in Manhattan by Michael Carbonaro

big-apple-con-pamp-2007-layout-copy.jpg the set up is shown in the pamphlet

joe-and-jim.JPG this is Legendary comic creator Joe Simon (co creator of Captain America) back at the big apple con 2006

big-apple-con-pic.JPG a booth at the con 2006

The convention is known for its eclectic variety of guests, including many celebrities of comic books, classic TV, movies, animation, pro wrestling, and other forms of pop culture. Some notable guests include Steven Segal, Carrie Fisher, Val Kilmer, Kevin Smith, Frank Miller, Adam West, George A. Romero, Neal Adams, Peter Mayhew, David Prowse, Bill Plympton, Roddy Piper, and many more. It also holds panel discussions and a costume contest hosted by “Captain Zorikh.”

This year has been the year of heroes …….. tv show that is! so actress hayden panettiere the cheerleader from heroes was on hand to take flicks and sign pic, if you spent 30 dollars to get it.


watch out shes got body guards!


celeb-inside-page-copy.jpgloads of celebrities.

in the long run with the price of gas going up, so to is the price of a good comic book convention. go for the comics , go for the stars, go for the full grown adults dressed in colorful costumes. Just go and lose yourself in the fun!