New York Anime Festival at Kinokuniya


So at Kinokuniya on 6th ave and 40 street, they had a panel of artist from around the Manga-verse !

crowd.jpg crowd-2.jpgcrowd-3.jpgdark-crowd.jpg

the panel was amazing and the crowd that was sitting nearby enjoyed every minute

people-sitting.jpg people-sitting-girl-drawing.jpg

but due to the limited and flat out lack of size for the panel space most fans had to stand off to the side and far in the back behind book cases, along with people who were inside the cafe area talking over the panel. If and When they do this again we feel holding a panel at a ny comic book convention maybe the best thing.

ben-and-manga.jpg naratuo-and-tifa.jpgbilly-and-ben.jpgkids-lookint-at-books.jpgbilly-benny-and-crystal.jpgnaratuo.jpgastro-boy.jpgchick-with-cap.jpg

We had a blast and we love New York Anime Festival and Kinokuniya

just wish we had some more room to hear the panel better!


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