McFarlane Toys Upcoming The Walking Dead Line

McFarlane Toys will have a great lineup of AMC’s The Walking Dead line coming up. Here is a preview of what is to come in the coming months

Here is the 10-Inch figure of Negan

Here is the Color Tops of Ezekiel

There is also an Allies Deluxe Set of Rick Grimes, Jesus and Daryl Dixon

Another Ezekiel but this time it is a statue and it features Shiva (This is taken from the comic series)

And finally, Here is Daryl Dixon in his prisoner outfit taken from Season 7, Episode 3 of The Walking Dead

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Julian Cannon

One Comment

  1. Yet another Daryl that doesn’t look like Daryl and has a bug that eats his face (that’s the only way I can describe his hair).

    What a shame.
    This new 10 inch Negan grows on me, but we’ll see. Hoping it’s good.

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