Top 10 Worst Super Smash Bros Stages.

Super Smash Bros. is an fighting game which features nintendo characters and 3rd party characters from other video game franchises. the first Smash game came out in 1999 for the Nintendo 64 and the most recent release for the Wii-U and 3DS. There are alot of good stages and bad ones and today i will count down in my opinion, the worst stages in the Smash series.

10.Planet Zebes (Super Smash Bros.)


This stage is not as bad as the rest on this list but at the time since this was the first SSB game, it was very unfair. The yellow acid is the biggest problem with the stage as it can send you up for an KO within a few hits as the player lands in it. it also can rise to the highest point of the stage occasionally. Plus, there is an platform on the far right of the stage so players can “camp” there.

9. Big Blue (Super Smash Bros Melee)


Side scrolling stages are annoying and ridiculous and this one is an prime example. This stage’s origin is from F-Zero for the super nintendo and the only thing that saves your life on this stage is the vehicles that are used as platforms. Sometimes, they break away leaving an open area for the players to fall off to either get KO off the stage or land on the road as the players will be quickly rushed back to the blast zone for an KO on the far left.   

8. Rainbow Cruise (Super Smash Bros Melee)


Another side scrolling stage based off of world 15 in Super Mario 64. First, it starts on the ship, and after that, it gets ridiculous as we go towards small platforms and falling edges and etc and it repeats again when you land back on the ship.  

7. Icicle Mountain (Super Smash Bros Melee)


The first time i tried this stage, i thought it was interesting. That was until it randomly scrolls up or down for a few minutes. sometimes fast, sometimes slow. make one wrong move and you can get stuck and cause yourself to get an KO.

6. 75m (Super Smash Bros Brawl)


This Stage is based off the Donkey Kong arcade game and it is annoying. you are mostly climbing the ladders to tri verse the area to get to another section without being damaged from the obstacles. sometimes, the 8-bit Donkey Kong appears and whoever is near him, will be damaged. this stage was not needed in Brawl due to the size but SSB:Wii-U gets an pass for it since 8 players can play on this stage when this stage returned in the game. 

5. Mario Bros. (Super Smash Bros Brawl)


What can i call this stage? an total nightmare. It is too frustrating to get an KO on this stage and the Koopas and Sidesteppers seem way too overpowered for stage hazards. you are better off playing the original Mario Bros game than to play on this stage.

4. Balloon Fight (SSB: 3DS)


This is the only stage in Smash history where if you walk on one end, you will end up on the other side of the screen (in reference to the actual game mechanic in the original Balloon Fight game for the NES) instead of hitting the blast zone but that does not say much for this stage. the permanent flipper in the stage will catch you in the least deserving times, the radius of the entire stage is way too short for an KO to happen and the damn fish in the water will 90% of the time, pull you in the water for an KO if you end up in the water and that happens way too many times.  

3.The Great Cave Offensive (SSB:Wii-U) 


It was either this stage or Palutena’s Temple to take the number 3 spot. I believe this is the largest stage in Smash Bros. history. This stage is meant for 8 players and it is extremely hard to KO anybody off the stage or to do smash attacks that launch. also, it is extremely annoying to travel on this stage as there are “Lava Zones” in most places on this stage. If a player ends up on one of those zones with more than 100% damage, it is an instant KO. Also, do not play this stage if you have a small TV.

2. Poke’ Floats (SSB Melee) 


there is not much to say about this stage except that there is different pokemon that serve as various platforms. they randomly change starting with squirtle. 



Here it is. In my opinion, the absolute worst stage in Smash Bros. history. you start at the beginning of the level of this side scrolling stage. but then, the stage hazards appear as the screen is scrolling. the difference between the hazards in this stage than others is that you cannot tell the difference which is an stage hazard since the original PACLAND game had the same exact layout and items in the way. Once you reach the end, the screen scrolls backwards until you reach the start and then repeat. you cannot think for a few seconds on what move to pull off for most of the time and this stage has the most disadvantages for characters to be used on this stage. 

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