Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Ongoing) #23 Solid 5 out 5!

By Robert “Rob Base” Greenwood


I have sung the praises of TMNT and IDW a lot these past few months. Honestly I want to be the one to say “This Book Sucks!”  But I can’t.

TMNT23_cvrA TMNT23_cvrRI

It would be an outright lie if I told you I hated this series and there is no reason to say that. TMNT has been the most consistent story and solid read for months now. Their spin-off one shots are masterful and each color classics makes me happy that I can still say that I love being a turtle fan.

The issue in question made me grab my mouth a few times in that “OMG” type moment, something films have left me not doing in a long time. This issue continues and ties in two other one shots “Old Hob” and “the secret origins of the Foot Clan”. (Both I highly recommended)


Casey is near death and Leo kidnapped, this is how we start this issue and from here on in it goes straight into the pits of hell.  The Remaining Turtles lead by Master Splinter search for Leo as Casey fights to stay alive.

This Issue is striking and gripping and all within 32 pages. I think Marvel and DC need to read what a solid book looks like!

This is a no brainier 5/5 and a must add to your pull list.

TMNT23_cvrRE_JetpackB TMNT23_cvrRE_JetpackB-back

TMNT (Ongoing) #23
Writer: Waltz, Tom
Artist: Santolouco, Mateus
Cover Artist: Eastman, Kevin
On Sale: June 26, 2013
Publisher: IDW
Diamond Id: APR130356
Format: COMIC
Price: $3.99
UPC: 82771400271302311

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