Forever Evil – New mini-series ignites lively discussion, near firing of reporter and,… a love letter to Geoff Johns????



“Forever Evil” Launching in September, the seven-part mini-series will be written by DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns.
Yeah! I mean Booo. Or is it meh?

Personally I’m no fan of John’s.  I found his work on Lantern boring and convoluted. Thoughts?

Oh September is also Villain’s month each title will get a one shot villain book.


The term “universe-wide crossover event” makes me cringe. Because I don’t want to buy 500 titles I don’t normally read just to know what Batgirl’s latest issue means. These crossovers are one of the reasons I stopped reading comics 13 years ago.

Having said that, I like the Villain Month idea. One shots, I like. I can buy my Joker issue and be happy.


I agree Roe that’s why I gave up on ever knowing all the subtle nuances of any comic universe.
I still don’t know exactly how Damian died. I’ll find out sooner or later I guess.


I almost bought the Batman Inc. issue, but realized I was getting sucked in again. Why did I want it? I didn’t know what was going on in that storyline. I read Batgirl and occasionally, Batman and Nightwing. So I don’t know how Damian died, but it’s moot since he’ll be back, I’ll wager, by Fall.

Rob Base:

Hey DC welcome to “Marvel” 1987, Geoff is over rated and he will never be a Mark Waid.

Geoff only looks good because he is at DC. I hate these giant cross overs. I didn’t mind them once every few years but its the norm now.

This is another reason that I’ll just read Wikipedia


Guess its just me. Sorry I have this bad habit of collecting superhero books because they’re fun. And everyone loves villains. I probably won’t get every crossover except the titles I get monthly. Or if it’s a villain that particularly interests me.
I believe they’re doing them as point one issues so you can actually just skip that one if it offends you so much.
I’d like to point out this is The New 52s FIRST company wide crossover and others have been contained with in the family titles and it’s happening in September which has become DCs event month ( new 52 and Zero issues)
I’m a big John’s fan and so I have confidence this will be well done and built from his ongoing threads in the JLA and JL titles. ( and if you think Catwoman is really dead … I feel bad for you ).
Comics are supposed to be fun to read above all else or what’s the point. A month full of villains showcased… Sounds fun to me

Rob Base:

Ok Chuck you need to fire Bob lol. I wish it was as simple as just liking fun books. I love fun books give me Secret Wars back any day. Hell Onslaught was amazing but it becomes tiring after a while to have mass cross overs.


Finish reading it here

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