A Rob Base Non-review: Why I can’t review the Transformers books…

By Robert “Rob Base” Greenwood

I have been a life long Transformers collector and enthusiastic about all its properties (except for the Michael Bay stuff).


Up until the first Bay film, I had over 7000 unique pieces of Transformers toys. I also had every single comic and a few imported books from Japan and one even from Korea.


My love for this property has led to people referring to me as a purist. This really couldn’t be further from the truth.

I accept all the Transformers incarnations. Be it G1 or Prime, I have followed this property with open eyes. I remember the first Transformers comic I got and how utterly confused I was as a kid because the comic didn’t follow the cartoon show.

Heroes like Grimlock where highly intelligent and not some dumb Dinobot. Villains like Rabbat lead the evil Decepticons into battle.

IDW has done an amazing job with the continued adventures from these old Marvel books. But I feel its important to know that if you are a new fan these issues will not help you catch up on the franchise.

TF_PrimeHunters01_cvrA TF-REGEN_91_CVR_A


So if I was to review each issue I’d be forced to do a 6 page catch up/History lesson on all the books to date. No casual fan can just jump on without reading the Transformers wiki for days.

So I say if you love the Transformers and grew up as a G1‘er you will love the current crop of comics.

If not you better be ready for a history lesson.

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