What the Shell:Alien Turtles Talk – News update

Hey dudes and dudettes welcome to another edition of What the Shell!
In this episode, Dylan Cook leads the way as the rest of the shell gang (Chris Vint, Suine Hallock and Mike Lacey) discuss the rest of the news from the internet concerning the latest Teenage Mutant……sorry i meant the Ninja Turtles film that Michael Bay has his hand in.

We go over what Michael Bay said to the world about the Ninja Turtles, the creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird as well as a few others. There is also breaking news concerning Dontatello!  This is not to be missed!
Follow the shows twitter feed @TMNTShell, Chris is @Vinto316, Dylan @happymonkeyshoe, Mike is @mlacey91 and Suine is @Suine_Hallock.  there is the facebook page which is www.facebook.com/tmntclassics.

After more Turtle related stuff?  Check out co-host Suine Hallock talking Turtles comics with the fantastic Ryan Porter by clicking here – http://popculturenetwork.com/article.php?story=20120401164826885 or it is available on Itunes, just search for Popculturenetwork.com and the title is Radical Corner of Turtle Comic Talk.  You can also check out Suines amazing TMNT reviews by heading to www.radicalretro.com!
Stay tuned for the David Wise interview, heading your way very soon!


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