The Walking Dead – A new day Xbox arcade review

by Chris Vint

So what do Jurassic Park, Back to the Future and now The Walking Dead have in common? They all now have a video game thanks to Telltale games. This is the first episode and I’ve just finished it.  At the very start, like mass effect, your decisions determine the outcome of the game.

I am not familiar with the Walking Dead comics or the television program. I’ve heard people talk about it and this game is a fine introduction to the product.

We meet Lee who is in the back of a police car being escorted to prison. This is where we see the dialogue interface for the game. Every button has a sentence beside it and down the bottom is a timer.  At some stages, silence is an option too. When you say something to a character, they may remember it or appreciate your loyalty. For instance, I gave Clementine an energy bar and it came up the top left that “Clementine will remember you looking after her”

The voice acting in this is superb and it almost feels like you are watching an animated version of the show.  There is 7 stages within this episode and in some, there are difficult decisions to be made,

I don’t want to go into too much of the game as there are several characters you meet along the way. It’s a very enjoyable game and I thank Rob Base for passing along this code for me to sample this.

2 hours or so would be the length of the game and it’s available on the Xbox marketplace, playstation network and steam for the pc.

If you were a fan of Broken Sword, monkey island or Sam and max, you will truly love this game and the rich surroundings of it.

9/10 rating – looking forward to the next episode of this.


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