Kup:The Old Warhorse

In 1986, or the year 2005 depending on how you view the world of the Transformers, we are introduced to a whole crop of new Autobots and Decepticons. One who stands out in mind is the cranky old solider, Kup,






the bitter old war vet who has been in more conflicts and battles than any other members of the Autobots.

Kup is either, A: a mighty warrior, B: a coward or C: a liar. On many occasions Kup tells a story that can affect the outcome of a battle but has no true leadership expertise.

A seasoned war vet should bring more than his fair share of “on the job” training lessons.Yet he plays second fiddle next to the soon to be choose one, Hotrod.

Maybe Kup likes being the old solider? Not being the leader does have its benefits. It is also possible that Kup’s leadership qualities were just merely overshadowed and so was sent to Earth to be a bone-fide crossing guard instead.

Is it possible that Kup chooses not to lead and rather just fight the good fight?

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“Till all are one”

Images courtesy of Transformers WIKI

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