Who books this crap?: The WWE Divas thoughts

Remember at Summerslam when Nikki turned on her sister Brie, and they were constantly trashing one another? Do you remember that they had a match and Brie had to be Nikki’s servant, and now they love each other again despite their hatred for each other just weeks before?  Do you remember when the Bellas were heels after Wrestlemania and Naomi “injured” Paige on Raw, and then the next week the Bellas were faces? What is going on!? There was no explanation or reason or anything that really justifies a face turn. The only thing I can think of as being a face turn was when Brie talked about Daniel Bryan in an interview, and talked about how much he loves his fans before Naomi shoved her down. Was that it? C’mon that’s lame. 

First, it’s lame that they would have to have Brie talk about Daniel Bryan just to get people to like her again. Second, why should we like Nikki? We haven’t been given a reason to. It’s difficult to follow stories that don’t have any characters you care about in them. There’s no good or bad. Sometimes that’s not a bad thing, but not every story can have that. Now lets fantasy book a match in an house show and have Emma teaming up Summer Rae and Cameron to take on Charlotte, Alicia Fox and Natalya in a tag team match. Emma has been working as a heel in NXT lately. Alicia switches each week it seems like. Summer and Cameron are usually heels. Charlotte is new and hanging around Natty so she gets face pops. The only one in the match that you know where their character is, was Natalya. 

The match would be cheesy and sloppy too. Cameron screaming like a child after someone did something to her mirror would make the fan not want to watch. It was slow and nobody would care and the fan would be glad that They missed it. The Divas Division has come a long way in the past couple years. There are more talented performers now. I think Charlotte will do well, and I also think Sasha Banks will be interesting if and when she makes the main roster. 

The characters lack stability because they are constantly turning face or heel.  Alicia Fox is sometimes entertaining and ok in the ring, but she’s switched between face and heel almost as many times as Big Show. Imagine Rusev doing his normal act. Now, imagine the next week he comes out waving an American flag. Then the next week he comes out waving a Russian flag again. That is basically what is going on with most of the Divas at the moment. 

Lita and Trish never did that. One was good, the other was bad. The roles would reverse through time but you knew who to root for. That was the best female rivalry in the history of the business too, if not one of the best rivalries period. People can say that the days of “good guys” and “bad guys” are over. That’s not true. Stone Cold, DX, CM Punk, and maybe eventually Seth Rollins are the only exceptions to that. Their characters did awful things at times, but they were so awesome that it didn’t matter. They were anti-heroes. There are no anti-heroes in the Divas Division. Paige would be the only possibility. Fans are going to cheer her no matter what because she’s just rad. None of the other Divas can pull that off. There has to be good versus bad. 

Maybe they’re just playing up the reality factor. That’s dumb because in real life there are people that we generally like and dislike. Everyone generally likes Morgan Freeman and everyone over the age of 12 generally dislikes Justin Bieber. That’s real. The company likes to use the term sports entertainment. Well in a show that is supposed to entertain, you have to tell the audience who are the protagonists and who are the antagonists. Sometimes the audience doesn’t like the protagonists. (Examples: Batista after the Rumble in ’14, Reigns at this year’s Rumble, the New Day) If the audience doesn’t like it, then tweak the story, but give a reason for the change at least. 

I know they turned the Bellas because they also turned Naomi but there was no explanation. Give us a reason to root for the Bellas. It’s unfortunate because there are talented people there. The stories are just kind of blah and I blame that mostly on the number of heel and face turns in the Divas Division. 
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