Wrestleshock Raw 1000

Welcome to another episode of Wrestleshock Reviews and this is a bonus episode.  Martin Stynes (martintalks from YouTube) helps Chris go over the historic Raw 1000 episode.  as Michael Cole always says, it is the longest running episodic tv programme.

Chris and Martin go over the returning superstars such as DX, The Rock, Lita and the APA.  They also talk about the superstars who couldnt make it such as Edge and Stone Cold Steve Austin!
Who do the guys want to face The Rock at the Royal Rumble?  Will a 3 hour RAW each week work?  The guys discuss that and much more
View Martin’s fantastic YouTube channel by searching for Martintalks and have a  chat with him on Twitter – @martinstyness.  Chris is also on Twitter – @vinto316 and the show is @Wrestleshock316.