Movie Review: Unindentified

Julian Cannon is back with a new movie Review. This time it is the found footage style sci-fi/comedy movie Unidentified. This movie was directed and written by Jason Richard Miller and it is starring Parry Shen and Colton Dunn. Now lets get to the review.


RELEASE DATE: October 28, 2013


Parry Shen as Jeremy

Colton Dunn as Dave

Eddie Mui as Nick

Eric Artell as Jodie

Beth Alspaugh as Janelle


Four friends documenting their weekend road trip to Las Vegas encounter a cosmic terror that is not of this Earth in this sci-fi flavored found footage shocker from first-time director Jason R. Miller. The party never ends in Sin City, but when this impulsive group of aspiring high-rollers incurs the wrath of a ruthless loan shark, they decide to cut their losses and hit the road. Their bad luck appears to take a turn for the worse, however, when an incident in the Nevada desert leads to the discovery of a metal fragment that appears to be extraterrestrial in origin. In a flash, the one who discovered it disappears into the surrounding darkness. When he is found, his increasingly bizarre behavior hints that something is terribly wrong. They’re right, too, because something sinister is stirring in the shadows, awaiting just the right moment to reveal itself. And when it does, we will finally know that we are not alone in the universe.


The direction of the movie I thought was pretty cool along with the characters but however, it left me with a few questions.  Like why would a group of friends take a degenerate gambler to Vegas for the weekend? Why does no one seem at all bothered when said gambler then borrows a large sum of money off a loan shark? It’s an odd set up but the comedy of this film makes up for it. The first half hour takes too long to build up and like a lot of other films of a similar nature, the climax is a bit rushed and it all ends way too soon. For the most part, it felt like I was watching a found footage version of The Hangover but I would take this over The Hangover. The actors do a fine job as all of them are charismatic in their own way. I would like to say that Parry Shen kept the entire flow and the pace of the movie from not loosing track from the plot at all. The best scenes from the movie is the final 20 minutes as the visual effects and the action scenes really draw you to the screen to make you wonder how will this movie end.

I do not believe I have seen a found footage movie that has to do with UFO’s or aliens until now. The extra features on this DVD is the YouTube videos from Jodieman in which I thought was pretty entertaining. Also, we get commentary from Jason R. Miller where he explains about what made him decided to do a movie like this and other things in the movie I have not known about. I give credit to the cast and the director for their hard work in this film and i will give this film a final rating of 7.5/10

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