From the Cold War to the present day, a mysterious group of killers known as the White Suits have left their bloody fingerprints throughout modern history. Making their Dark Horse Presents debut, Frank Barbiere and Luke Radl turn back the clock to a time of Iron Curtain brutality with The White Suits!

“We’re extremely happy to have the opportunity to introduce The White Suits in the pages of Dark Horse Presents. I’m thrilled to be working with longtime collaborator Luke Radl, who’s been with me every step of the way in fleshing out the White Suits mythos. Luke brings a unique, textured style and compelling visual storytelling to the black-and-white world of our story,” says Frank J. Barbiere.

When a young girl trying to scrape by in a crime-ridden late-1980s Moscow ghetto encounters one of the Suits during a mob deal gone wrong, she is forced to make a decision that will change her life forever—or end it!

Luke Radl says, “I feel very fortunate to be working with people who believe in this story and support the hard work that goes into it. Dark Horse puts out some of the best comics out there, so I’m proud to be in good company. I hope readers enjoy this glimpse into the world of The White Suits as much as we’ve enjoyed crafting it.”

Dark Horse Presents #11 is on sale April 18, 2012.