The Mandalorian NERF Blaster Pre-Orders Are Now Live

Every Monday morning, Disney reveals their new product line for The Mandalorian. The event is called Mando Mondays and today, there was a great reveal that nobody was expecting. That is, the Ambam Phase-Pulse Blaster, the signature weapon of The Mandalorian.

This replica blaster is produced by NERF and you can pre-order the awesome replica today. The blaster is over four feet long, and has the sound effects of the blaster that you see on The Mandalorian. It also comes with ten darts that you can load one at a time. The electric scope has a illuminated lense inside of the scope. Hasbro provided me with images for me to share.

The images that were provided, showcases the accuracy and attention to detail of the blaster that is seen on The Mandalorian. This will be a hot item to own next year during Comic Con season, or during the 2021 holiday season. The NERF brand has produced many Star Wars products and it is no surprise that The Mandalorian would be on the list. I also hope that there will be a variant color to match the colors of the actual one on the series so that way, anyone can have a accurate costume of The Mandalorian. NERF collectors and Star Wars fans will be happy to have this in their possesion.

You can pre-order the Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster via the link below. The price will be $119.99 and it will be expected to ship in July 2021. I suggest to order quick because it is now sold out on Amazon. Also to note, this blaster will hit the retail stores in the fall of 2021. Season 2 of The Mandalorian is on Disney+. New episodes of The Mandalorian airs each Friday morning.

Pre-Order on Entertainment Earth

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