BREAKING GAMES’ THE GAME OF 49AVAILABLE AT TARGET STORES THIS SUMMER  Award-Winning Game Publisher Debuts Its First Game On Target Shelves In June


Breaking Games, an award-winning game publisher and manufacturer, announced that Target Corporation (NYSE:TGT), one of the largest retailers in the nation, will carry its game, The Game of 49, starting June 18, 2016.


“We launched Breaking Games at last year’s Toy Fair, and in less than a year and a half, we are now announcing that one of our games – The Game of 49 – will be on Target store shelves this month,” said Shari Spiro, CEO of Breaking Games. “One of our ongoing goals at Breaking Games is to find the very best indie game talent and help bring it to the masses. After dozens of acclaimed trade show appearances worldwide, The Game of 49 garnered incredible support and enthusiasm from the Game Department at Target. By launching this game in the mass retail market, we helped make a designer’s lifelong dream come true.”

The Game of 49 will be available at Target starting June 18, 2016, for an MSRP of $20.  The game plays from two to five players, ages 10 and up.  The Game of 49also is a 2015 Mensa Recommended honoree. 

“We launched The Game of 49 via Kickstarter about two years ago; to go from a self-published edition of 1,500 copies to being on Target store shelves is just mind-boggling,” said the game’s inventor, Mark Corsey.  “I’m beyond thrilled that Breaking Games and Target are making it possible for game players coast to coast to take The Game of 49 challenge —to bid, bluff, and buy their way to four in a row.”

Game Play Details:

·       Players begin The Game of 49 with $49 cash and a supply of chips. With each turn, a number card is revealed and auctioned.

·       The winning bidder claims the card and places a chip on the matching space on the seven-by-seven (49-square) game board.

·       Wild cards give the auction winner a choice of where to place a chip, and also award all players a payoff of $7 for each chip they have on the board, up to a maximum payoff of (you guessed it!) $49.

·       The first player to claim four spaces in a row, in any direction, wins the game!

“My experience – printing millions of games in the last five years – convinced me that The Game of 49 is truly the new classic in family board games.  It raises the bar, and will become a standard by which many family games are measured for decades to come,” continued Ms. Spiro. “There’s no better retailer than Target to bring it to families across the country.”

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