Get Ready for Round 2 with More Street Fighter X Tekken Minimates Series 2 Packaging Shots!

It’s time for another battle! The first assortment of Street Fighter X Tekken Minimates was such a success that we had to bring the line back for another round, with even more of the famous fighters from the Street Fighter and Tekken video game franchises! That means 12 new fighters to face off with the 12 you already have!

Series 2 includes:
Ryu vs. Yoshimitsu
Abel vs. Kazuya
Rufus vs. Julia (comic shop and specialty store exclusive)
Chun Li vs. Hwoarang (comic shop and specialty store exclusive)
Hugo vs. Heihachi (Toys “R” Us exclusive)
Rolento vs. Kuma (Toys “R” Us exclusive)

Check out the new packaging shots below, then pre-order the specialty figures today at your local comic shop, and look for them in stores next month!

Visit to find the nearest location, and get regular DST updates on Facebook and Twitter!

ORS Reviews – Episode 14


Hello everyone and welcome to episode 14 of ORS Reviews!

In this episode Chris and Allan review the recently released Rocksmith, is it a smash hit or a flop? After that they review the latest member of the Tekken family, Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Did it knock us out? Or is it worth going a couple of rounds? Find out what we think of them both and hear what is coming up in the next episode of Operation Retroshock!

Enjoy the show!


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