Review of The Strain #2

Writer – David Lapham Artist – Mike Huddleston Colorist – Dan Jackson Cover Art – Mike Huddleston

Now we’re getting somewhere, this was what I waiting for! There was story, some gore, good character development. It’s always difficult to adapt work from one medium to another but looking at issues one and two together I truly think this will be a great story to experience all in one shot.

This book jumps right in following Dr. Ephraim Goodweather as he does his job as the CDC’s lead investigator. Scene investigation, witness (survivor) interviews even the press conference. We’re introduced to a new player Eldritch Palmer and The Stoneheart Group. Nefarious? Maybe. Definitely creepy and kind of wrong. We also get another taste of the cane and the “pick pick pick”. Things are getting interesting and it’s obvious that Lapham is just getting started. He’s giving us a good procedural while keeping the horror just on the periphery.

Then just when you think an issue has gone by without gore Mike Huddleston hits you with a couple of panels that flip your stomach and make your skin crawl. Well done Mr. Huddleston, well done.

This twenty four page comic packs a hell of a lot of story and I read it twice just to make sure I was keeping up, I’m glad I gave issue two a chance and I can’t wait for issue three.

Can’t wait till Wednesday? Follow the link below to see a six page preview posted over at Dark Horse’s site The Strain #2preview

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