Star Trek Turns 50 today and Star Trek:Missions was here last weekend.

Today Marks the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek and what an long time it has been since it debuted. Last weekend was the Star Trek: Missions convention in New York City and we got the chance to cover it. There were many booths and products for display including the NASA section which i found very interesting once i seen it. The NASA section had displays on the future satellites and jets and spaceships that are currently being developed along with stardust and other things that were from mars. Call me weird on this, but i actually like science.

The main floor for Star Trek: Missions had the set from the very first season of Star Trek and i spoke to an guy over there about it and he told me that there is an whole museum dedicated to Star Trek as well (click this link for more info

There was also an section for the upcoming Playstation 4 version of Star Trek Online where players from all over the world can play which also has cross-platform capability to the PC and XBOX ONE version.

There were a few panels that i wanted to go to but i was only able to go to two and they were Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Next Generation. The original cast from both of those seasons were there to talk about their roles in their respective shows along with promoting Star Trek: Discovery which will be coming in 2017. 

And Finally here are cosplay pictures i have taken 

Overall, this was an great event but i think the panel room situation could have been handled better but i would come back next year.

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