Masters of the Universe Chronicles: Episode #35 Crossover Part 2

Hello all and welcome back to another edition of the Masters of the Universe Chronicles.  Yes that’s right, this is part 2 of the comics crossover….but Chris, where is part 1?  Well fear not, it’s on Rob Base’s page dealing with comics which is  Head on over there and listen to the first installment before you hear what the guys talk about! Here is the direct link –

Before the main discussion takes part, it wouldn’t be fitting to talk about comics without James Sawyer being involved.  James talks about “The King of Castle Grayskull” comic.  James has a lot of comic stuff on his site so if you are a fan head over to!

Rob Base, Ryan Porter and Jukka Issakainen join Chris to talk about the MVC comics which came out around 2002, the icons of evil and also talk about the new mini comics which we will be getting with Thunder Punch He-Man and some other quartely variants.  Chris is the comic noob here so enjoy the other 3 guys talking at length about the comics and just how terrificly knowledable they are.
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Lastly Mr Rob Base has a lot of stuff on whether it being From Earth to Cybertron, Not Mint in box or in fact Comic Nation stuff.  All the buttons for Robs work are on the right hand side of or head to Rob’s site which is Follow Rob on Twitter – Altmindz

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