Masters of the Universe Chronicles: SDCC 2011 Reveals Discussion


Welcome back to another packed edition of Masters of the Universe Chronicles. This time there is a lot to talk about since the San Diego Comic Con reveals went down. To help Chris, he had Rob Base talk about a few figures that he took a shine too and also regarding the MOTU comics that are making a welcome return.

Before we get to the next segment you will hear the audio from the Toy Masters documentary trailer. Interesting stuff! Roger Lay Jr will be returning onto Masters of the Universe Chronicles so please send Chris your questions via email or on the facebook page and you can join his facebook page, just type in Toy Masters.
Up next is Dylan Cook and Mike Lacey. They then cover some of the other figures as well as talking about the Masters of the Universe Classics Create a Character. Since this opened to the international fans, this is something that Dylan and Chris go over.

Last but by no means least is Wade Thurman who was at the convention and he goes over the atmosphere, what freebies he got as well! Wade goes over the fan vote that was at the convention and more importantly what colour he voted for on a certain mythical dragon. Wade also sent Chris the audio he recorded from the Mattypalooza panel and it is in the end of the show after you hear “Let the power return” and runs for about 35 mins! just a little bonus for you all!

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