The Amazon Activation Experience at San Diego Comic Con 2019

Amazon Prime is back at San Diego Comic Con this year with their activation experience where attendees can show up for fun activities. This year, the activities were themed around the Prime Originals The Boys, Carnival Row, and The Expanse. I attended all three of them and it was a great time.

The Expanse activation enlists the help of the fans to assist with a UN peacekeeping mission on the newly colonized planet, Illus. Never seen before, fans will be able to walk and see Illus for the first time. Participants will explore new terra, pursue science-driven discoveries, and attempt to ease tensions between private corporations vying for profit and refugee groups just struggling to survive. Keep in mind that all of the activations have actors playing out the scene that would be shown on the television series.

The Carnival Row activation was also interesting as attendees had to say whether if they were a creature or a human before entering the area. I chose human of course and everyone that selected Creature were berated by the police officers. It was funny to see that happen. The area itself looks like the rural areas of London from years ago and once you entered the bar area, there was a show there with all of the creatures. It was very dark and mysterious with the way everything was arranged. Then, the police raided the place of all the creatures. A very fun experience!

After you exit the bar, you were allowed to take a picture with the creature wings on your back.

The final activation is The Boys as that series alone is highly anticipated all around the world. In this activation, you had to solve puzzles as it puts fans in the forefront of a crime scene that needs to be covered up. Lead by two members of The Boys cohort, you and 15-20 other attendees must scour the store and dispose of anything that could lead back to Butcher and Hughie.  With the cops on their way, fans have about 10 minutes to clean up to search and destroy the tape before fleeing the scene. This was the most fun I have had with the activations as Me and about 15 others scurried around the place to find all of the clues.

If you are at San Diego Comic Con this year, stop by Amazon to check this out!

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