Minions issue 2 review


By Steven Biscotti

Every once in a while a character or creation takes pop-culture by storm.  Sometimes it has longevity, other times it’s a one-hit wonder.  The Minions, having made their debut in the 2010 film Despicable Me, are finally getting their own film – Minions, which releases this month. Titan has started publishing comics based off of the mischievous, wily, and worm-like yellow characters.  The first issue saw prices rise up to $10 in its first week of release and while the prices have cooled down, the second issue released today (July 8th).  Alternative Mindz were able to take a look at the current issue and Minions certainly has longevity.


The characters have become adored by so many.  Not only do children love the Minions, but adults do as well.  There’s an undeniable appeal to them and while aspects of their personalities draw back to classic slapstick humor of the Looney Tunes. they are original enough to be iconic in their own way.  IDW’s series, written by Didier Ah-Koon and drawn by Renaud Collin, has the tone and style of a Spy vs. Spy short, as featured in MAD magazine.  Minions issue 2, while extremely light on dialogue, hinges on the wild antics and cuteness of chaos style that Renaud Collin brings to each panel and page.

The second issue of Minions, just like the first, is comprised of numerous one page mini stories that quickly illustrate a comedic situation.  Take “Fruit Frustration” for example, Carl (the one-eyed minion) is sitting at the table looking to enjoy a piece of fruit.  He contemplates how to slice the fruit as he does not have a knife on the table.  He tears through the kitchen with no luck, only for us to see that Carl is sitting in a room with axes, swords, chainsaws, and various cutting paraphernalia.  The humor works, especially if you’re a fan of Minion humor.  It’s extraordinarily accessible for a child to pick up, enjoy the situations, and laugh.  As for an adult, the issue primarily works on the reader being a fan of the Minions as there is truly no over-arching plot or story.  It’s essentially a collection of skits that remain very true to the spirit of the films.

“Lack of Inspiration” is, personally, my favorite of the stories.  The situation revolves around one of the minions struggling with writers block.  We see him maddeningly typing away at his typewriter and collecting page after page.  He nearly loses it, but then manages to deliver his finished work to his editor.  The editor happily accepts his work and they seem content with whatever it was that the minion was working so hard to accomplish.  The writer walks away, only to find in the immediate moment afterwards that the editor has tossed all of his work in the furnace to create an impromptu fireplace for him to kick up his heels to.

“Safety Above All” and “Afterwork” are two other standouts in issue two of Minions.  The comic is truly perfect for all ages as certain situations are geared more for a child to enjoy with humor catering to their level, while other pages in the issue service a more sophisticated reader.  Titan comics has a terrific lineup of titles and Minions is definitely one of the current comic book series that’s worth picking up.  Minions issues 1 and 2 are available now.

Minions issue 2 gets five stars.

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