bonus episode: What the Shell

Why Michael Bay? Why?

Hello and welcome to a bonus episode of What the shell.  We apologise that it is not under better circumstances!

Dylan Cook rallies the troops, Chris Vint, Suine Hallock and Mike Lacey as they talk about the announcement that has shell shocked the majority of TMNT fans. Michael Bay had stated that the Turtles would be aliens…………….

This opens the floodgates for debate as to why this shouldnt be allowed to happen.  We are joined by the fantastic Brian T Stevenson and he brightens up our spirits by reciting a very apt prayer to you and the hosts!  This just shows there isnt all doom and gloom!

The guys read out some comments from around the internet (twitter,, and the What the Shell facebook page).  They tell us how they feel about it too!

Make sure to head back on April 1st for the awesome Townsend Coleman interview.  Suine Hallock is now a permanent co-host on What the Shell and major congrats to Suine for being the fourth turtle.  The hosts are all on Twitter – Dylan @Happymonkeyshoe, Chris @Vinto316, Suine @Suine_Hallock, Mike @mlacey91 and the podcast is @tmntshell.  There is the Facebook page which is so let them know YOUR thoughts on the Michael Bay stuff!