Another Top 10 Banned Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

I originally did this list back in 2014 and now i feel that it is the right time to do another one since many cards from my original list are not on the banned list anymore and more were added on since then. Here is my list for another top 10 banned Yu-Gi-Oh cards along with the reason that these cards were put on the list.

#10. Chicken Game (Field Spell Card)

This card is brutal for First Turn Kills as a Field Spell Card and it can also speed up a duel, or force a lifepoint gain depending on the choice. This card can also cause an unbalance due to the player getting more advantage if their life points are much lower than the other.

#9. Pot of Greed (Spell Card)

Pot of Greed has been on and off the ban list and the limited list for years and it seems like it will not be off any list in the near future. It allows the player to draw 2 cards from the deck but now since there are more cards that responds to or supports deck drawing, this card has become more stronger due to this. Imagine playing this card on your first turn (this matters more these days since you cannot draw on the first draw phase anymore since 2015).

#8. Subsitoad (Effect Monster Card)

One of the most broken cards of the game Subsitoad is on the list. The attack points may be very low, but it’s effect is very brutal. Also, as soon as the Shinning Darkness booster support pack was released, it became an issue. A complete FTK deck was made with the frog cards including Subsitoad and look at it’s effect, it can easily trail through most of your deck with no trouble and is on top of things very easy to search and recover for its very solid Aqua-WATER type/attribute pairing.

#7. Time Seal (Trap Card)

This card became banned over 12 years ago and it is a strong reason why. It makes your opponent skip their Draw Phase. With this card and the deadly Yata-Garasu, it became the most deadly combination in Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments at the time and it needed to be forbidden.

#6. Dandylion (Effect Monster)

Dandylion should have been banned since day one. It’s effect was easily abused for many years especially for players who want to summon powerful monsters in the next turn, or to use spell or trap cards involving tokens.

#5. Cyber-Stein (Effect Monster)

Cyber-Stein should have been on my original list. His effect years ago was at a high cost to summon a fusion monster from the extra deck. Now that there are way too many lifepoint support cards, there is no way that this card will ever be taken off the forbidden list EVER! Also to note out, Cyber-Stein has not been reprinted or re-released since 2004.

#4. Super Rejuvenation (Quick-Play Spell Card)

The card encourages terrible resource management in the monster type that makes the most use of discarding and tributing. It is, in general, just a poorly designed card and one of the main reasons as to why Dragon Rulers were such a power house. The reason it was banned is because the Baby Dragon Rulers and other Dragon Rulers turned the card into an insane draw engine that could in no way be described as fair given how the deck operated. Currently if the card were to come off the ban list I suspect Blue-Eyes, Red-Eyes & Odd-Eyes would probably be the biggest abusers of it not that Sky Iris can be used more than once a turn.

#3. Mass Driver (Continuous Spell Card)

Recently added on the list back in the fall of 2017, It was banned because of its easy abuse on OTK and FTK Burn decks, that focused on continuously summoning frogs to sacrifice them and drain your opponent’s lifepoints. Before then, nobody has ever thought of using this combination and once people started to put the puzzle together, it had to be added on the forbidden list.

#2. Cold Wave (Spell Card)

Ah, THIS card. It’s one of the cards that had the longest lifespan before getting hit with a ban, mostly because until Glad Beasts came into the picture this was fully an awful card. This is mainly because the most it could do was provide backup stun and was fully outclassed by something like Trunade who was for a time at 2-3, and this was at the time VERY outdone by Heavy which directly got rid of the problem. To my knowledge this first became popular when Glads came onto the stage and I assume so probably because of major stun factor combined with brutal control and setup for safer Bestiari plays.

Honorable Mentions

Super Polymerization (Quick-Play Spell Card)

Painful Choice (Spell Card)

Vanitiy’s Emptiness (Continuous Trap Card)

Self-Destruct Button (Trap Card)

Ancient Fairy Dragon (Synchro Effect Monster)

#1. Maxx “C” (Effect Monster)

This card and effect changed the way of special summoning for a long period of time. Maxx “C”. The effect lets you draw one card every time your opponent special summon(s). Before the errata changed, you can have three of these monsters on the field with this effect. Even after they changed the errata, the effect was still highly abused especially for FTK. I think this will never be taken out of the list since it just got on the list not too long ago.

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