Top 5 Tag Teams of all time

Top 5 greatest tag teams of all time

#5 Mr Fuji and Professor Toru Tanaka

I would be doing this whole show a disservice if I didn’t add Mr Fuji and Professor Toru Tanaka
one man massive and strong and  the other the mental assassin, who all current wrestlers claim to be.

even when they have to fight fat out of shape washed up “white Wrestlers” their facial expression with  the
lack of respect for the “rules” made them instant heels and over for many years to come.

what would the world of Managers be without Mr Fuji?

#4 Beer Money, Inc.

James Storm and Robert Roode are the best tag team in wrestling today. They have all the
elements of what makes superstars. 1 both are fantastic men in ring and have amazing mic skills
which we all know means EVERYTHING! 2: Will go to the limit with a fantastic heel turn and wont
look back. On their own they can stand tall as Solo performers and right now its showing. 3: If
WWE actually cared about tag teams they would get Beer Money back together and give them the
title ASAP!

#3 Legion of Doom LOD road warriors

When they started out in Georgia Championship Wrestling, they were Green and knew nothing about
the business.They were just massive men who worked as bouncers. but one thing is clear LOD
wouldn’t be in this list if it wasn’t for Paul Ellering,with his manager skills LOD soon

#2 Edge and Christian

Not only are you looking at two Icons of Wrestling but they are two best friends and one nasty
combination, together they held the titles alone and together ( I want to say they have held it
together 7 times? maybe more) and more times with other people. They have done it all in
wrestling. Both have had great singles careers and when they were in the ring against the Dudley’s
and The Hardy boys, you not only saw great matches but the true evolution of Tag teams.

They are one of the best EVER!

#1 The Dudley Boys/Team 3d

What LOD, the Midnight express,Harlem Heat and countless others have done. No one tag team has
stood the test of time and come out better than any other than the Dudley boys/Team 3d.

I am a diehard ECW fan, it was my generation who grew out of the Multicolored kayfabe of WWF and
wanted something to still believe in. ECW brought that, and in the world of Tag Teams there is
no one team greater in my mind  than Devon and Ray!  yes the Dudley Boys. So what the hell are the Dudley Boys?  Simply put a huge messed up family but until Devon and Brother Ray came, the family wasn’t complete.

Be it fighting drop dead crowed screaming matches in WWF or pissing off the fans in the halls of the ECW arena. the Dudleys are in a class by themselves. when their music hits you can’t help but go nuts. When they hit the ring
be it to take out MCMG in TNA or dropping someone through a burning table, The Dudley’s have surpass every other tag team by holding every Tag Team title to ever matter! They have won over 20 tag titles  from ECW, WCW, WWE,WWF,NWA,TNA, ALL Japan and I hope I have them all listed.

To this very day they are still fantastic on their own. Still can wrestle with the best of the best and still make an IMPACT!

Honorable mentions

The Wild Samoans with Capt Lou Albano became the go to heavy’s who could cost many a baby face
a match or even their teeth! classic heels.