LONDON, Ontario – 5-Minute Dungeona fast-paced, co-operative, real-time card game, launches on Kickstarter  November 1, from award-winning game publisher Wiggles 3D.


Adrenaline-fueled to create a jolt of excitement for casual and advanced players alike, 5-Minute Dungeon is a game in which players have a short five minutes to conquer a dungeon. Its humor-filled fantasy world is home to creatures like “A Cactus That Wants a Hug,” “The Grime Reaper” and “A Shark With Legs.” In the game, two to five players join together and choose up to five heroes to battle monsters, overcome obstacles, and defeat the dungeon boss.  There are five dungeons to defeat, each more challenging than the last, with the final dungeon requiring precise skill, speed, and strategy to defeat.  With no time to form a carefully-considered plan, and no predicting what dangers lie ahead, communication and teamwork are the name of the game, crucial to surviving the5-Minute Dungeon.


“Designed with enthusiasts, life-long dungeon-crawlers and casual gamers in mind, 5-Minute Dungeon feeds into the hottest trend — co-operative gameplay. It’s a fun, fast-paced card game that can be played anytime,” said Connor Reid, creator of 5-Minute Dungeon.  “With the game’s humorous tone, overarching goal, detailed art and rapid action, we’re confident that5-Minute Dungeon will be the next must-have game launched on Kickstarter.”  


A 5-Minute Dungeon timer app, available for free on both iOS and Android, keeps the action on track as the team attempts to conquer the dungeon in less than five minutes.  


Following the success of crowd-sourced Kickstarter campaigns, 5-Minute Dungeoncontributions start at $5, with backers gaining access to discounted Early Bird Copies, Collector Editions, exclusive content and more.  As the campaign proceeds, Kickstarter contributors will unlock great stretch goals which include: linen-coated cards, high-quality game mats, collectible figurines, timer app enhancements and more.  


Kickstarter pledges begin at $5, as follows:


$5 Contributor level

Thank you & a print-and-play copy of the game.

$15 Early Bird

Get the game for $10 less than anyone else. Only 500 copies available!

$25 Base Game

Includes the game, plus all stretch goals unlocked by the campaign

$35 Collector’s Edition

Features a more stylish box and exclusive game content.

$50 Base Game + Collector’s Edition

Get both versions of the game for only $50. Keep a copy for yourself and give one away, or keep the collector’s edition wrapped up and play the base game.


To learn more about 5-Minute Dungeon,visit 5MinuteDungeon.com.


Two-time Mensa Award winner Wiggles 3D is a Canadian developer and publisher that has been creating board games, apps and syndicated puzzles since 2001. Based in Canada, the company is the creator of the popular magnetic game Bellz and the hit movie trivia game Pass the Popcorn. Their games are licensed in 25 countries and featured in major newspapers and online game portals. Visit www.Wiggles3d.com.

Broken Frontier’s Massive Creator-Owned Anthology is Popular on Kickstarter


Comics news site Broken Frontier has launched a popular Kickstarter campaign for a creator-owned anthology about breaking boundaries, exploring the great unknown and pushing beyond our human limits. Upon its debut, the campaign was almost instantly awarded a staff pick by the Kickstarter Staff and has already gained several hundred backers.



Wrapped in a stunning cover by Spider-Gwen artist Robbi Rodriguez, the 250-page oversized hardcover contains 27 amazing stories created by over 40 talented creators, including Cullen Bunn, Nathan Fox, Josh Fialkov, Ryan Kelly, Marguerite Bennett, Toby Cypress and many more.

The stories inside feature everything from the last man in the galaxy, an immortal on the edges of the universe and cosmic horror on previously unimagined scale to time travel, dystopian deserts, dimension hopping and much more!

The Broken Frontier Anthology was put together in support of creator-owned comics and the amazing storytelling possibilities they offer. That’s why 60% of a backer’s pledge goes directly to the talent involved, who are paid up front for creating their stories, something rarely seen in creator-owned comics.

The anthology’s full lineup includes:

A. David Lewis – The Lone & Level Sands, Some New Kind Of Slaughter 
Alison Sampson – Genesis, Outlaw Territory, Mad Max: Fury Road
Ayşegül Sınav – Legendary Comics Featured Artist
Box Brown – Andre The Giant, Everything Dies
Carla Berrocal – Vertigo CMYK, El Bruj
Cullen Bunn – The Sixth Gun, Magneto, Harrow County
Daniel Warren Johnson – Ghost Fleet, Space Mullet
David Hine – Storm Dogs, Strange Embrace, Spawn
EdieOP – Maleficium, Dangerfun
Facundo Percio – Caliban, Anna Mercury
Fred Van Lente – Resurrectionists, Ivar: Timewalker, Marvel Zombies
Frederik Hautain – Broken Frontier Anthology
Greg Pak – Action Comics, Incredible Hulk, Princess Who Saved Herself
INJ Culbard – Celeste, Brass Sun, The New Deadwardians
Jamie Coe – Art Schooled, Nobrow Magazine
Jason Wordie – Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, Prophet
Jeff McComsey – FUBAR, Flutter
Joshua Hale Fialkov – The Bunker, The Life After, I Vampire
Justin Zimmerman – Safe, The Killing Jar, Other Worlds Anthology
Karrie Fransman – The House That Groaned, Death Of The Artist
Kurt Belcher – Winter War, Risers
Marguerite Bennett – Angela: Asgard’s Assassin, Sleepy Hollow, A-Force
Mark Stafford – The Man Who Laughs, Cherubs!
Mike Lawrence – Muddy Max, Star Scouts
Nathan Fox – Captain Victory And The Galactic Rangers, Dogs Of War, Haunt
Noah Van Sciver – Saint Cole, Blammo, The Lizard Laughed

Noel Tuazon – Elk’s Run, Family Ties
Phil Hester – The Coffin, Green Arrow, The Darkness
PJ Holden – Numbercruncher, 2000 AD, Dept of Monsterology
Rob Croonenborghs – Scum of the Earth, Jesus Hates Zombies
Robert Sammelin – Cimarronin, Zero
Ryan Kelly – Saucer Country, Local, Three
Salgood Sam – Sea Of Red, Revolver, Therefore Repent
Sean Wang – Runners, The Tick
Steve Bryant – Athena Voltaire
Steve Orlando – Undertow, Midnighter
Thomas Mauer – Copperhead, Umbral
Toby Cypress – The White Suits, Rodd Racer
Tom Raney – Outsiders, Stormwatch, Avengers Academy
Tyler Chin-Tanner – American Terrorist, Adrenaline
Varga Tamás – Zoë, Furion
Yaroslav Astapeev – Undertow

Be a part of this thrilling adventure and back the Broken Frontier Kickstarter campaign at http://br.oken.fr/anthology.

Action Lab Entertainment’s Dave Dwonch launches “Cyrus Perkins and the Haunted Taxi Cab” on Kickstarter.

Action Lab Entertainment’s Dave Dwonch launches “Cyrus Perkins and the Haunted Taxi Cab” on Kickstarter.


 Cyrus Perkins and the Haunted Taxi Cab is a four issue supernatural crime noir comic series. When a young boy named Michael dies from a gunshot wound in his taxi cab, Cyrus Perkins is thrust to the role of unlikely hero as Michael’s spirit is trapped in his cab. Cyrus must solve his murder, and give him the peace to pass into the afterlife.
Described as part murder mystery and part buddy cop story, Dave’s inspiration for the series comes from an..unusual source.

“Last year, amid several health issues, I misdiagnosed myself with food poisoning. Days later I was being rushed to the hospital in a taxi cab as my body was shutting down. In between bouts of unconsciousness I muttered, “If I die in this cab I’m haunting it.” to the cabbie. This was the inspiration for Cyrus Perkins.” Dave states on his Kickstarter page.

Dave Dwonch has been a comics writer and artist producing indie titles for over a decade. In 2010 he founded Action Lab Entertainment with fellow indie mavericks and as Creative Director for Action Lab helped produce several of their titles including the Eisner nominated series Princeless. Recently he penned several titles, most notably Vamplets (with Gayle “My Little Pony” Middleton), Ghost Town, and CBR’s Top 100 of 2013 series Double Jumpers.

Joining Dave as artist is Anna Lencioni.  A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design,  Anna has been working as a sequential artist on such titles as NFL Rush Zone and Miss America. Cyrus Perkins is her first long form project.

“Cyrus Perkins and the Haunted Taxi Cab is a 100% creator-owned project, and truly a labor of love. With your help, Anna and I are hoping to cover the production cost of the first issue of the comic. This series is a huge undertaking, and your donations will allow us to take time out of our schedules to produce the fully colored artwork and limited edition Kickstarter Edition of Cyrus Perkins #1.”

Cyrus Perkins and the Haunted Taxi Cab is now on Kickstarter.com ( https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/960202687/cyrus-perkins-and-the-haunted-taxi-cab)
and view the Kickstarter video at ( https://d2pq0u4uni88oo.cloudfront.net/projects/810966/video-359978-h264_high.mp4)

The Caption Box 28: Jamal Igle’s Molly Danger and KickStarter

Rob Base and Juan Pineda sit down and talk with Jamal Igle about his new creator own project Molly Danger and how he is using Kick Starter to get the job done!

Check out Molly’s site http://mollydanger.com/

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Molly’s Kick Starter video

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