retro feud: Tommy Dreamer vs Jerry Lawler

Julian cannon back again for another post. this time it is a look back between the crossover between WWE and ECW. in feburary 1997, ECW accepted Jerry Lawler’s challenge to appear on raw the following week. Paul Heyman did just that along with many other ECW wrestlers. a few months later at wrestlepalooza 97, Tommy Dreamer finally defeated raven and sent him packing to “dubya see dubya” (WCW). moments after, the lights go out and come back and RVD and Sabu attacks Tommy with a chair. Dreamer gets the upper hand until the lights go out and come back on, and Jerry Lawler is seen in the ring. When the fans first saw him, it was chaos and they looked like they wanted to kill him, what made this even better is that most of the locker room tried to make the save but RVD and Sabu got everyone out the ring. Jerry Lawler would also insult the ECW fans and Tommy Dreamer, with one of his most famous lines of the attack “this bingo hall should be build out of toilet paper because there is nothing in it but SHIT”.. Although that was a great line, the fans didn’t take it that well. so the attack continues until Taz gets in the ring and clears the ring from the attackers.

Jerry Lawler Debuts in ECW by mexicano718

Lawler would then cut “anti ECW” promos, then Tommy would cut some about Lawler and the WWE. then on July 7th 1997, Jerry Lawler and now Jim Cornette interrupts the main event of that evening between Tommy dreamer and the sandman vs RVD and Sabu and all four of the put a beating to Dreamer and Sandman. As stated by Dreamer on the rise and fall of ECW, Jerry Lawler hit Tommy Dreamer in the testicles with a kendo stick, which caused him to be rushed to the emergency room for him to get blood pumped out..and to the women who read this, don’t hit a guy in that area lol.

a few weeks later on heatwave 97, Dreamer cut a promo on Lawler and challenged him to a match at hardcore heaven 97, which was also ECW’s second PPV. Lawler accepted and during that match, Jake Roberts and sunny made their appearance at the PPV but Dreamer won the match. Jerry Lawler has said many times that he hates ECW, that is a shoot right there and he was not lying. Lawler also stated that the first night he was there, he was very scared of what would happen if he left the arena. some good came out of this feud.

1. RVD’s other nickname “Mr. Monday night” was given to him by Lawler

2.ECW got more exposure from the national audience

3.the Sandman vs Sabu feud started from this angle, which was important because before the Lawler invasion, these two never fought in a one on one match

4.the night ECW came back to RAW was the first time Monday night RAW was changed to raw is war

5. we get to see RVD’s first match in the WWE  against a then unknown Jeff hardy.

6.although Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman don’t see eye to eye a lot of times, they always knew that this is business and the fans is the number 1 thing on their mind

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WWE:retro feud:Bret Hart vs Jerry Lawler

There can only be one king in the WWF. Back on June 13th, 1993 the World Wrestling Federation crowned a King of the Ring. One man in particular took offense to such a title being given. After all, he had been calling himself “king” for several years.

So, when Bret Hart won the 1993 King of the Ring tournament, Jerry “the King” Lawler ended up viciously attacking Bret when he was cutting a promo shortly after the victory. During the confrontation, Bret referred to Lawler as being a Burger King. Lawler responded by attacking Bret with a scepter. The attack would be the beginning of a feud that would go on for nearly three years, off and on.


During the July 7th taping of Wrestling Challenge, Jerry Lawler would beat Bret’s younger brother Owen Hart to send a message to the Hart Family that he would do the same to Bret at SummerSlam in August. Lawler would continue to get underneath Bret’s skin by taunting his parents during the July 26th edition of RAW. Bret was wrestling against Bam-Bam Bigelow before he left to get his hands on Lawler, who had been in the crowd taunting Stu and Helen.

Meanwhile, Lawler and Bret were also feuding in Jerry’s promotion USWA based in Memphis. The roles were switched as Lawler was the babyface and Bret played the heel. In that promotion, they would have a steel cage match the night before SummerSlam. A stipulation was if Lawler were to lose he would refund the money he earned from the show to the fans. Of course, Lawler was able to win after the Giant Gonzales botched his interference and cost Bret the match. I thought that was an interesting tidbit.

At SummerSlam on August 30th, Lawler tried to get out of the match with Bret Hart by saying he had suffered an injury. It worked at first and he was able to get Doink the Clown to take his place. Bret won the match over Doink and was attacked by Lawler afterward. Lawler whacked Bret with his crutch and that led to them having a match shortly there after. Bret originally won by submission, but he refused to let go of the hold. So, as a result, Lawler won the match by a reverse decision. The victory allowed Lawler to have the title of being the real king of the WWF.

Bret and Lawler were supposed to continue their feud at Survivor Series in November, but Lawler had legal issues he needed to attend to and left the company. He would return in early 1994 but his feud with Bret wouldn’t be a focus that year.

Their feud continued in early 1995. William Shatner made an appearance on the January 9th edition of RAW and along with Bret Hart, he got the better of Jerry Lawler on King’s Court. A month later, Bret Hart cost Jerry Lawler a battle royal by forcing Lawler to have both feet touch the ground.

Lawler began to drag Bret Hart’s name in the mud during the February 20th edition of RAW. Lawler called Bret a racist after Bret won the Wrestle of the Year award. Jerry believed Bret won the award because the Japanese vote wasn’t counted. This would lead to a feud with Hakushi, which will be noted later on in this column.

It seemed like Bret wasn’t able to beat Lawler on a national stage as they wrestled again on the March 13th edition of RAW. Lawler won by count-out after Bull Nakano prevented Bret from returning to the ring. They would finally have another match at the first In Your House on May 14th, 1995. At the event, Bret Hart had two matches. He first beat Hakushi but was unable to beat Lawler. Instead, Bret was pinned by Lawler after Hakushi interfered and splashed Bret several times from the top rope.

They would meet again at the King of the Ring but it wouldn’t be a normal match. No, instead they competed in a Kiss My Foot match where the loser would be forced to kiss the winner’s foot. Lawler was embarrassed and would end up going to a dentist to fix his mouth. This wasn’t any normal dentist, though. The dentist was evil and known as Dr. Isaac Yankeem. Lawler wouldn’t be seeking revenge personally, but rather by recruiting Yankeem to do it for him.

At SummerSlam, Bret Hart was able to beat Yankeem but only be disqualification thanks to Jerry Lawler getting involved and attacking Bret. On the October 2nd edition of RAW, Bret attacked Lawler following a match but Yankeem saved his friend. Two weeks later, Bret competed against Yankeem inside a steel cage, which saw Lawler inside a smaller cage above the ring. Bret won the match by escaping over the cage essentially winning the feud and putting an end to his issues with Lawler.