IT: Chapter 2 Review: The Balloons Are Still In The Air

When IT was released in 2017, I was excited and the hype was at an all time high since this movie had everyone talking and calling it far superior than the 1990 television movie. All of those statements I agree with since I felt the same way and I was looking forward to the sequel. Unfortunately, the sequel did not leave me wanting to see it ever again after watching it. Here are my thoughts of IT Chapter 2.

Almost 30 years passed after the demise of Pennywise, He returns to try to ruin the lives of the Loser’s Club. The entire club besides Mike have moved on from their past and wanted to forget that it all happened. Mike brought them all together once again to end “it” for good so that way, they never have to look back on their traumatic experience that lingers on them only because Mike remembers it more than they do. They all group together to finally take Pennywise out once and for good!

Pennywise is the star of the film and the final battle with his final form as the giant spider gave me a jump scare. Be prepared because the final battle will be over 20 minutes. Penniwise also killed 5 people on screen with gruesome deaths. In fact, the developers were not holding back with Pennywise at all in this film as he is more scarier than before so be on alert when you see him on screen this time around. As far as the adult versions of the Loser’s Club, I was curious for a while about who would play as them and the results of their delivery can vary from person to person. Mike, Bill, and Beverly were my favorites of the adult group. Also, Beverly’s backstory was the most intriguing of the entire group in my opinion.

Although there were a few good moments in the film that I enjoyed such as the mirror house maze sequence, the dinner table conversation while they were reading fortunes, seamlessly transitioning between the past and present, and some scary moments, it was a bit of a letdown as the plot was very messy from the second act of the film until the finish. Also, three hours for a horror film should NOT happen or be the norm because it will be too tiring for anyone to even care to be scared anymore. I will also praise the CGI effects and even all of the characters are spotlighted with their own development as you will never feel that any one of them are just filler characters. Even Pennywise got his own backstory which was cool too. Another thing I would like to note is that the child actors played far better than the adult actors on the screen as the adult actors made the tension of horror go way down when they appeared on most of the movie. But the entire cast as a whole were great. As far as this movie’s connection to the Stephen King novel of the same name, Chapter 2 best represents the novel more than ever.

Overall, a decent film and if you have 3 hours to spare, check it out!

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