Review: Garfield #1 and #2

By Robert Greenwood

Boom studio’s kid imprint KaBoom has once again made me a very happy 34 year old. When they said they would be releasing  a  comic book for the Peanuts I was worried, My fears were laid to rest because they knocked it out of the park and with Garfield #1 the memories I had reading the strip (which I do daily in the newspapers) and the Garfield and Friends Saturday morning cartoon flooded my brain with amazing nostalgia.

Issue one, just like the peanuts comic is formated with  a few short stories, Garfield’s most hated cat pal Nermal finds a vintage Ultra Powerful Guy #1 in a garbage and they try to sell it. there is a lot of tongue in cheek “breaking the 4th wall” moments, but Garfield is well known for that and with this story I found myself laughing out loud more than just a few times.
Issue two follows the same format and gives you another Iconic moment, Garfield and Odie’s complicated and confusing relationship. Is it that Garfield hates Odie or is it simply Garfield doesn’t want to play fetch?

All in all, I say if you want to get your children into comics KaBoom’s complete line of comics is a perfect stepping stone. Garfield is the quintessential  book to do it with. Reading this book with your children will not only benefit them to learn and maybe get them to  read more. But it will benefit the adult to look for more comics for themselves and more readers is always a win/win

Garfield #1 should make you love Garfield all over again and the art captures Jim Davis so well you would have thought he drew it himself.

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