Captain America: Civil war potential spoilers

All of these items,which come from an unverified and unnamed source, should be taken with a grain of salt

spoiler warning:

Black Panther will have his own mission in the film, but will be sided with Iron Man — at least at the beginning.

Black Panther will be able to scratch Captain America’s shield thanks to his vibranium claws.


There will be a Black Panther jet.

Hawkeye will sport more purple and a full sleeve, similar to his comic counterpart.


Ant-Man will get a modern costume and also grow into the role of Giant-Man; we’ll also see Scott Lang riding on one of Hawkeye’s arrows.

War Machine will wear a more tank-like suit of armor.

Falcon’s suit will have grappling hooksand wrist lasers built in.


Falcon’s bird sidekick Redwing will get an MCU counterpart in the form of a red, birdlike drone.

Captain America will finally add chainmail to his costume.


All info comes from Joblo’s website

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